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work desk for knitters

Craft as Therapy? (aka The Yarn Lover’s Mantra)

work desk for knitters

How much do you know about the idea of crafts as therapy?

The healing power of craft is something we see appear on our timelines again and again. As a company producing yarn, we see our many customers sharing their quiet moments, tucked up with a work in progress. We hear joyful stories of gifted finished items, heirloom pieces and the welcome distraction that yarn craft can provide for so many. It’s one of the many joys of producing our yarn: seeing the comfort it brings to others.

Since we got back in the office this year, things have been busy, and happily so. We are looking ahead at two new collaborative design collections coming very (very!) soon and events with a sense of trepidation. It’s a good kind of nervousness that comes from eager anticipation but still, it’s there.

So, much like many of our customers, we’ve been taking a little solace in our yarn lately and thought we’d share the words that have become something of a mantra here at TFC HQ:

“Tea…. Breathe…. Squish some yarn….. repeat”

We call this our Yarn Lover’s Mantra. We hope you find some solace in it too.


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