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Creating Waves with Crochet: The Story of Lucy Djevdet’s Drifting Away Pillow in By Hook II Collection

Inspired by the waves of the sea, we chat with Lucy Djevdet of Crafting By Lucy and discover more about her design process and Drifting Away Pillow design!

Full-time marketing manager and crochet designer Lucy Djevdet has brought the Summer vibes to our new By Hook II collection with her latest design the Drifting Away Pillow

In this blog post, we get to find out more from Lucy about how she got into crochet and why she chose to use The Fibre Co. Luma for her latest design!

Lucy Djevdet is a crochet designer from the South of England and owner of Crafting by Lucy.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself: how did you get into crochet and designing??

I’m Lucy, I live on the South Coast with my husband and two children.  I have a day job as a Marketing Manager and dream up crochet patterns by night! I first started crocheting eight years ago after attending a crochet workshop in a beach hut right on the seafront in Worthing. My first published design was a filet crochet bag for Mollie Makes magazine.  After that was published and well received, I gained more confidence to keep designing and contacting publications with my design ideas and have been designing ever since!

Drifting Away Pillow is a contemporary crochet pillow pattern featuring fun squiggle details and four chunky tassels.
Drifting Away Pillow is a contemporary crochet pillow pattern featuring fun squiggle details and four chunky tassels.

Tell us about your recent design in The Fibre Co. yarn—what inspired this design and what techniques, makes it special to you? 

My recent design was inspired by the waves of the sea and the gorgeous colour palette of The Fibre Co. Luma Yarn.  I wanted to create something modern and fun using the bright spring shades. It’s always fun to refresh things in your home and what better way to do it than with a handmade crafted item?

What inspires and influences your designs? 

I’m always inspired by colour and ways to incorporate crochet into practical things which can be used around the home. I enjoy the challenge of trying to make new ideas work and constantly learning new techniques in crochet.

Drifting Away Pillow is a contemporary crochet pillow pattern featuring fun squiggle details and four chunky tassels.
Drifting Away Pillow is a real statement piece for the sofa, or tossing on the backseat for a summer road trip.

What is your favourite type of crochet project?

“I love the repetitiveness of a simple stitch crochet blanket that you can get lost in creating without too much concentration.  There’s something very soothing about neat rows of similar stitches in a blanket. It’s nice to have a simple project to keep coming back to when I’m not feeling particularly inspired to create anything new.

Could you share your design process with us.

I would describe my design process as impatient!  An idea pops into my head and without getting any calculations down on paper I go straight into crocheting it to see how it would work.  Every now and then it works out perfectly. Other times there’s a LOT of frogging and re-winding involved! It’s all part of the process.

How does the yarn you use influence your design?

“There is such joy in discovering new yarn to work with. Quite often I’m halfway through a project and already thinking of lots of other projects the yarn would work for. I’m always eager to get going on the next project before the last one is complete. I already want to start on a blanket using the Fibre Co. Luma yarn after using it to create my cushion. It’s such a beautiful yarn to work with and I love the colour palette.” 

Lucy Djevdet chose The Fibre Co. Luma yarn for her Drifting Away Pillow design.

What is your favourite crochet technique and why?

I really enjoy a textured stitch and the pattern it creates, in particular the jasmine star stitch. It’s just such a pretty crochet stitch that creates a beautiful, patterned texture. That’s what I love about crochet – the huge variety of beautiful stitches.

What is your desert island crochet project—what could you make again and again and still enjoy?

“My desert island crochet project would definitely be something practical. Probably something involving filet stitch to make a bag or net to hang things. I like the idea of creating practical items to keep busy on the island!

What is your first crochet memory?

My first crochet memory is desperately trying to master the granny square. It wasn’t a success at first, but once I’d mastered the granny square it all fell into place! My first ever crochet project was a granny square baby blanket in four different colours, which I’m still really proud of. It even had a pretty pom pom stitch border.

About By Hook II

Featuring six playful pieces inspired by joyous dressing and the fun and spontaneity of the season. For sunshine-filled days, the chosen palette of AmbleMeadow and Luma yarns is designed to boost the mood and get creative juices flowing. Soft pastel tones clash with brights for a bold, contemporary look, while natural fibres and relaxed silhouettes make this a wonderfully wearable collection abounding with carefree style.

These patterns are perfect for crocheters looking to try something new, and knitters who haven’t dabbled in the craft before. Say yes to a crochet adventure this summer, and colour yourself happy with yarn.

Featuring designs by Alexandra TavelAmber MillardCassie WardLee SartoriLucy Djevdet and Rebecca Dagmar.

Knitting the Drifting Away Pillow?

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