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Foundations SS20: 6 Knitting Patterns for Spring

Today, we are excited to share our Foundations SS20 collection with you, featuring patterns in Canopy Fingering, Road to China Light, Meadow and Luma. Taking inspiration from the botanical world, Foundations SS20 is a six-piece collection of knitting patterns that will get you excited for the warmer months. In this collection, you will find breezy silhouettes, delicate textures and lots of drape.

Foundations SS20

Swinside by Becky Baker

Swinside is a boxy sweater with drop-stitch garter detailing at the hem and cuffs. It also has a stockinette neckband with clever shaping that allows it to sit snugly against the body.

Designed for Canopy Fingering or Cumbria Fingering, your yarn choice will transform the look of this oversized sweater.

Canopy Fingering blends merino wool with baby alpaca and viscose from bamboo to create a yarn with incredible drape and lustre. Fabrics knitted with Canopy Fingering are extremely soft and fluid with a rich, multi-tonal finish due to the way it is hand-dyed. Since it is a 3-ply yarn, it has good stitch definition allowing the accent stitches to pop.

Cumbria Fingering is crafted from a blend of merino, Masham and mohair so, whilst it has plenty of drape, it has more structure than Canopy Fingering. It creates a beautifully lustrous fabric, thanks to the Masham and mohair content. Cumbria Fingering has outstanding stitch definition which draws attention to the beautiful section of drop stitch garter. Makers with sensitive skin might feel a prickle when first wearing Cumbria Fingering against the skin, so we suggest that they wear it with a base layer.

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Newlands by Megan Nodecker

Newlands is a sweet t-shirt with a cropped length and a relaxed fit. It features a pretty panel of lace over the chest and shoulders and i-cord trims on the neck, sleeves and hem.

We love the flexibility of a piece like this: you can wear it alone or layered underneath a cardigan in cooler weather.

Road to China Light is a match made in heaven for this design. Spun from a drapey blend of baby alpaca, silk, camel and cashmere, it is an unbelievably soft yarn that feels like a dream against bare skin. If you want to feel thoroughly spoilt, treat yourself to some Road to China Light to knit your own Newlands. It makes for a very enjoyable knitting (and wearing!) experience.

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Greenall by Safiyyah Talley

Greenall is a lightweight cardigan with an eyelet yoke and three-quarter sleeves. It has an oversized fit and slight swing shape that makes it perfect for throwing on whenever you need a little extra warmth.

Designed for Road to China Light, this cardigan will keep you cool and comfortable in warm weather, due to the high percentage of breathable alpaca.

Greenall by Safiyyah Talley in Road to China Light

Most of the shades in Road to China Light are hand-dyed to create a stunning, multi-tonal fabric that sings. This yarn is incredibly soft (you will gasp when you feel it!) so you can be sure that it will feel very comfortable against your bare skin.

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Hazeldene by Xiaowei Bourdet

Hazeldene is a long, elegant cardigan with plenty of positive ease. It has a sophisticated construction that results in a knitted-in shawl collar.

The delicate stitch used throughout the body is subtle yet striking and keeps you interested as you knit, knit, knit.

Whilst this is a large garment, Meadow makes Hazeldene surprisingly lightweight; perfect as a light layer on a Spring day. Fabrics knitted with Meadow have supreme drape, yet they are crisp with great stitch definition. It’s quite unlike any other laceweight yarn on the market: both luxurious and rustic in an unusual blend of baby llama, fine merino wool, silk and linen.

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Somatic Arc by Allison Jane

Somatic Arc is an open-front cardigan in squishy garter stitch with swooping arc motifs adorning the fronts, back and sleeves. Minimalist in style, this cardigan is super easy to wear with almost anything in your wardrobe.

The beautiful stitch definition of Canopy Fingering brings out the satisfying texture of the garter stitch and arc motifs.

The unique blend of fibres give this piece beautiful drape that feels very comforting to wear. Canopy Fingering offers a lovely, bright colour palette of hand-dyed shades, perfect for Spring.

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Bassenfell by Clare Devine

Our most popular shawl, Bassenfell, has been reimagined in Luma. It has an asymmetric triangle shape with lots of garter stitch and columns of cluster stitch. The shawl is finished off neatly with an i-cord edging.

Luma is made of a blend merino, cotton, linen and silk. It is much softer than most wool/cotton blends on the market and has a light drape that is well-suited to a Spring shawl.


The silk adds a special lustre that you’ll be admiring as you knit. You’ll be pleased to hear that Luma blocks beautifully too, so you can really make the most of those cluster stitch columns.

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Free Patterns

Get any pattern from Foundations SS20 free of charge when you purchase the yarn to knit it from one of your local stockists. If you’re having any trouble finding a stockist, get in touch and we will help you.

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