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Intricate details and a timeless allure, presenting the elegant Moon Beam Top in Meadow

Whether you’re a knitting enthusiast seeking a new challenge, or a seasoned knitter eager to embark on an elegant warm-weather project, the Moon Beam Top is a wonderful choice.

From the delicate eyelet neckband that seamlessly flows into a mesmerising triangular motif, its minimalist design boasts a host of sophisticated elements, making it a project that will both captivate and reward you.

In this interview with designer Clare Mountain, we discuss the elegant Moon Beam Top design that features within The Almanac Series II and is designed in The Fibre Co. heavy-lace weight yarn, Meadow

Join us as we learn about the inspiration and design process of this elegant top pattern!

Claire Mountain is the designer behind the popular knitwear brand Sister Mountain

Could you tell us a bit about yourself: how did you get into knitting and designing knitwear?

I was taught to knit by my Nannan as a child, and quickly got hooked. I went on to study Fashion Knitwear Design at university, but after working in the commercial fashion industry, I realized my heart was still with handknitting and started designing knitting patterns.

Moon Beam Top is a sweet sleeveless top with intriguing subtle details that was designed in The Fibre Co. Meadow.

Tell us about the inspiration for the Moon Beam Top. What makes your design special?

The stitch at the neck and the details on the trims were all inspired by the geometric mark-making in historic astronomy illustrations. Meadow is a wonderful match for Moon Beam because it has lovely stitch definition to showcase all those special details, and it’s incredibly light and comfortable to wear on warmer days.

How does the yarn you choose influence your design?

Often, I design something and select a yarn based on the qualities that the design requires. Yarn can have a huge impact on the success of a design – if a pattern and yarn are not well-suited, it can make them look bad, even if they are both beautiful separately.

Moon Beam Top is a sweet sleeveless top with intriguing subtle details. If you are looking for a project full of elegant details that will enchant you, look no further. Knit seamlessly from the top down this minimalist top features a beautiful neckband of eyelets flowing into a triangular motif, shaped shoulder edging, an interesting armhole trim, garter stitch underarm detailing, and a mini split hem at the centre back. It is knitted in Meadow, which has the perfect drape and stitch definition for this gorgeous project.

Clare chose The Fibre Co. Meadow yarn for her Moon Beam Top design.

What inspires and influences your designs?

Inspiration can strike anywhere, but I tend to find stitch inspiration, in particular, from geometric patterns, whether they’re prints on fabric, illustrations on paper or even patterns on tiles!

Could you share your design process with us?

I start with a moodboard to get super clear on what sort of thing I’d like to design, and then start sketching. Once I’ve found a design I’d like to move forward with, I make some big swatches in the yarn I’d like to use – not just to measure my gauge, but to troubleshoot and finesse my design and construction so that it’s ready to turn into a pattern.

What is your favourite knitting technique and why?

It has to be the tubular bind-off. It creates a very clean and elegant edge to your trim.

What is your desert island knitting project?

Probably hats, specifically Ysolda Teague’s Musselburgh hat. It’s incredibly relaxing to knit, designed for a variety of gauges and comes out great every single time.

What is your first knitting memory?

Knitting a tiny red scarf for my beloved childhood bunny toy. My Nannan gave me some scrap yarn to use, and even though I lost MANY stitches along the way, I was so proud of it.

About The Almanac Series

Clare’s stunning Moon Beam Top is the final pattern to arrive from The Almanac Series II, a collection of 17 patterns that beautifully highlight The Fibre Co. yarns throughout the seasons. 

Erika Knight’s Zodiac Sweater was the first design from the series back in August 2022, with inspiring patterns following on throughout Autumn, Winter, Spring, and now Summer. 

We’re excited to share The Almanac Series III with you all at the start of August, in which you can sign up for our free season launch party here.

For The Almanac Series II, we looked to the heavens for inspiration

Knitting the Moon Beam Top?

As the final pattern from The Almanac Series II, we’d love to know if you are knitting Clare’s Moon Beam Top, and if so, please do share it with us!

We would love to see it. If you are sharing on social media, please use the hashtags #MadeWithTheFibreCo and tag us @thefibrecompany so we don’t miss it. You can also follow us on social media by clicking the icons below.

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