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why knit hats for your handmade wardrobe

Kate’s Me Made May ’17 Handmade Wardrobe

The Fibre Co. team are all taking part in Me Made May ’17, a challenge started by Zoe of ‘So, Zo…What do you know?’, and today we’re talking about the hats in our handmade wardrobe. Our Brand Marketing Manager Kate has a strong case for why the knitted hat is a project that really needs to be on your needles.

Knitted hat for handmade wardrobe
Sappen‘ in Tundra is part of Kate’s daily handmade wardrobe

“Every year I promise myself to invest more time in making a handmade wardrobe. Each time Me Made May rolls around I find myself sighing wistfully at handmade dresses, skirts and sweaters. I’m in awe of how stylish people can be and I pledge to make more handmade items to really feel that I can contribute meaningfully to this inspiring challenge. I am going to hold my hand up right now though and say I find the idea quite intimidating.

I’m pretty time poor as a busy working mum so it means quicker projects tend to end up being worked on over something that would need more commitment in terms of time and concentration. Concentration is a big one for me as I experienced some ill health a few years ago that left me with short term memory problems. It means that I can sit and sequence the steps I need to make something but then forget it pretty quickly and have to start from scratch or take really good notes. It can be pretty frustrating so I try to just enjoy what I knit and keep things simple. I want my making to be a feel good thing, not a constant reminder of a difficulty I experience on a daily basis. The most honest and important reason I lack confidence in garment making though is because I’ve become very aware of my changing body shape. I’ve gone up a few dress sizes over the last couple of years and while I don’t feel ashamed of my size, I am wary of committing to making clothes at the moment.

Stormont in Canopy
Stormont in Canopy Worsted

The result is a lot of hat knitting. While I was preparing for this blog post, one of the things that struck me is I can’t be the only person who lacks confidence in their skills or is unsure about what to actually wear because of their body shape. Me Made May is a lot of people talking about entire outfits with the kind of confidence and ease I don’t always feel, so today I want to write a sort of love letter to hat knitting that hopefully will lead to some of you adding a little splash of handmade to your wardrobe because everyone deserves to feel empowered enough to make something a little special, just for them.

why knit hats for your handmade wardrobe

Reasons to Add Hats to Your Handmade Wardrobe:

  1. They will always fit- The joy of a part of your body that just doesn’t fluctuate in size! If you’re struggling to get to grips with what works on your shape body, come at it slowly with handmades. They’re great for creating an individual fit but if even that feels too much, a hat is your friend.
  2. They’re functional- I love shawls but nothing feels more satisfying than reaching for a hat to keep out the cold and knowing you made it in a yarn you chose. It makes it more satisfyingly cosy to wear somehow.
  3. It’s a practice run- A hat is a small enough shape that you can think of it like a swatch in some ways. If you want to learn cables for the first time or practice how to tension your colourwork, I’d always recommend a hat. They’re just big enough to give you some room on the needles so you don’t get in a tangle but not so big you get in a mess either.
  4. They’re quick- I love the instant gratification from a hat. I’m so busy with a young family, work and settling into a new home that a hat that I can knock out in a relatively short amount of time just feels a little more rewarding somehow.
  5. A quick wardrobe update- You can add a splash of colour or a coordinating accessory in a very quick amount of time by working up a hat. I wear one most mornings on the school run (it’s cold on the coast!) and I have several to choose from so I always have something to match what I’m wearing. It gives a lovely illusion that I’m well put together even when my hair might not be brushed underneath the hat!
  6. They’re portable- These make knitting at the playground, library or park really simple. I can even walk around as my little one potters around the slides and keep knitting with the right knitting bag. It means I can sneak in a few rows more easily.

So, that’s my case for adding a hat to your knit or crochet list. If you’re pondering a knitted hat, we’ve got a whole board over on Pinterest to inspire you to get started. Come join us!”

You can read Alex’s experiences of a handmade wardrobe here and look out next week for another team member sharing their Me Made May insights.

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