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Three women wearing colourwork sweaters in various colours

Knit this: Caitlin Hunter’s Ninilchik Swoncho in Arranmore Light

Who is your favourite independent knitting pattern designer?

We wouldn’t be surprised if many of you said Caitlin Hunter who designs under the name Boyland Knitworks. Visit any fibre festival and you will see countless renditions of her designs worn by proud knitters from all over the world.

We enjoy Caitlin’s work, so we were delighted when we noticed that a lot of Ravelers are knitting her Ninilchik Swoncho in Arranmore Light. They used so many exciting colour combinations in their projects that we couldn’t resist pulling together a roundup of our favourites.

The bold, simple colourwork makes it a fantastic sweater project for stranded colourwork newbies. We know that some of you might have had the pattern in your Ravelry queue for a while, so if you’re looking for that burst of inspiration to get started, we hope these fantastic FOs motivate you to cast on!

10 of Our Favourite Ninilchik Swonchos in Arranmore Light

Tornangel012’s Ninilchik Swoncho in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Meara, Slieve Sunset, Finian and St. Claire

Just looking at this swoncho makes us feel joyful! Esther’s bold and bright colour palette is high contrast and works beautifully with this graphic colourwork.


Ninilchik Swoncho in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Malin Head, Meara, River Esque and St. Claire

Beth had been wanting to try out Arranmore Light for a while, so when she saw this pattern on a podcast, she decided to cast on. We love how wearable this colour palette is – perfect for those of us who live in denim!

Knotternicola’s Ninilchik Swoncho in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Meara, Kinnego Bay, River Esque, Finian and St. Claire

Nicola held Arranmore Light double with either a silk/mohair or an alpaca/mohair yarn throughout her swoncho to create the soft, halo effect pictured here. Doesn’t it look cosy?

Jennifercashman’s Ninilchik Swoncho in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Brannagh, Cronan, Finian and St. Claire

Jenna wears her swoncho all the time, which we’re not surprised about at all! It really is lovely. Apparently, she loves Arranmore Light so much that she wants to make 12 more sweaters in it – praise indeed, Jenna! Thank you.

Dawn76’s Tweedy Swoncho in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Malin Head, Corcoran, Kinnego Bay and Narin Beach

Dawn found the yarn for her Ninilchik Swoncho at our stockist, Tolt Yarn and Wool, after falling in love with the pattern at Vogue Knitting Live. She thinks it was meant to be and we couldn’t agree more! Arranmore Light is nice and “sticky”, making it a perfect match for colourwork. It also makes weaving in any ends a total breeze!

Anyalulu’s Ninilchik Swoncho in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Slieve Sunset, Shamrock, Glenveagh Castle and Narin Beach

Angie had help from our stockist, Tangled Yarn, to put together this beautifully vibrant colour palette. She found that the neck rib was too high for her taste, so she replaced it with an i-cord bind off in Slieve Sunset – what a fabulous solution!

Knittily’s my first swoncho! in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Ciaran, Brannagh, Odhran and Cronan

Natalie loved using Arranmore Light for her swoncho because it is next-to-skin soft and very light. You will find that blocking makes all the difference too, giving the fabric a beautiful handle.

MariKnitsToo’s Ninilchik Swoncho in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Malin Head, Meara, Glenveagh Castle and River Esque

Marianne modified her swoncho slightly in order to make it a little smaller than the first size and it came out great! She actually used an alternative yarn for the lighter blue in her colour palette, but we think that River Esque would be a fantastic alternative for that shade.

Originallyflawed’s Swoon in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Malin Head, Slieve Sunset, River Esque and St Claire

Despite it looking like a lot of knitting, Sosh finished her swoncho in less than a month. We often find that colourwork is addictive, so no wonder this knits up quickly!

Reclaimedcraft’s Naniboujou Swoncho in Arranmore Light | Shades (from left to right): Odhran, Bradan, Finian and St. Claire

Jaime’s swoncho was inspired by the dining hall ceilings at a lodge she visited when she was 12. The colours have vividly remained in her memory ever since.

Why choose Arranmore Light for your swoncho?

The Ninilchik Swoncho wasn’t originally designed to use Arranmore Light, however, it makes a fantastic substitution for the suggested yarn.

Non-Superwash Tweed Yarn

Being an oversized sweater, the Ninilchik Swoncho has the potential to get very heavy and stretch out – particularly if it is knitted in superwash yarn. Instead, Arranmore Light is incredibly light and lofty making it a joy to wear without stretching out of shape. Non-superwash yarns like this are much better for the environment too, which is very important to us at The Fibre Co.

Easy Colour Palettes

Our founder, Daphne, has an amazing instinct when it comes to colour and had a lot of fun when designing these multi-tonal tweedy colourways. Every shade has an amazing depth of tone and colour making it easy to select colourways to pair together.

New, Lower Price

We are also very happy to tell you that, recently, we were able to negotiate lower production prices for Arranmore Light, so that we could permanently lower the RRP of Arranmore Light by nearly 20%. You will get a generous yardage of this luxurious yarn at a more affordable price.

Find Your Nearest Stockist

If you’d like to order some Arranmore Light for your own Ninilchik Swoncho, please take a look at our stockists page to find your local stockist.

Find Your Local Stockist

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