Abuelito Kit

Kit contents:

  • PDF of Abuelito by Melanie Berg
  • 4 hanks of Arranmore Light yarn – 2 hanks of the main colour and 1 each of the 2nd colour and the accent stripe shade. There are 9 colourways available.
  • The Fibre Co. Project Bag


Abuelito is a triangular shawl, knit from the top down in 3 coordinating colours using a tuck stitch pattern that makes a subtle striped fabric. The lace border is knit in the main colour creating a beautiful rustic finish. Designed in The Fibre Co.‘s Arranmore Light yarn, the Abuelito kit is available in 9 different colourways as described below.


The price of the kit includes shipping to Europe and N. America. The kit is not returnable.


The ‘Original’ colourway uses Glenveagh Castle as the main colour, St. Claire as the contrasting colour and Finian for the accent stripes. The next sample shown is knitted in Liadan, which is a pale grey for the main colour, Bradan, pink, as the contrasting colour and Corcoran for the purple accent stripes. The third knitted sample uses the beautiful teal blue Kinnego Bay as the main colour, River Esque in the light blue for the contrasting colour and Cronan as a neutral accent for the third colour. The 10 available colourways, show the main colour on the left, the contrasting colour second and the accent colour on the right.