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Rise and Set Blanket Design with April Gopwani

We were thrilled to have Toronto-based designer April Gopwani of OTH Crochet Nook on board for our By Hook collection!

Designer April Gopwani’s Rise and Set Blanket is inspired by the warm tones of the rising and setting sun. The pattern uses a colourwork chart to create the beautiful circular sun motif. The fringing details adds movement and additional texture.

In this interview, we find out more about the designers inspiration for the design and how the Rise and Set Blanket quickly became one of her favourite challenges. 

A Gift from Grandma

My first crochet memory is being 10 years old, watching my grandmother crochet and asking her if she could teach me. She showed me how to chain, and I made the longest chain until my yarn ran out. She sewed it together for me and made me a big circle, I was so proud. Since then, I’ve fully immersed myself in crochet. It means more to me now than ever – I recently lost my Grandma and continuing this maker journey is in honour of her.

I really started my crochet journey during my first maternity leave making items for friends and family. My social following grew quickly, and I jumped into crochet design. Since then I have published over 70 original patterns – all of them are beginner friendly and fashion forward. I’m really passionate about making items that will have a place in your everyday wardrobe. My love for crochet shares the spotlight with my day job as a TV Producer, and I’m a wife to wonderful husband and a Mom to two amazing daughters.

Crochet designer April Gopwani is the owner behind the popular 'OTH Crochet Nook'

Community & Inspiration

Her personal connection to the craft is something she pours into her designs.

The maker community is a special one. I love the support we have online with each other and how much that strength inspires all of us. I also look for inspiration in my daily life: on my commute to work, at the park with my daughters, watching my favourite TV show…I’m constantly snapping photos of inspiration for a new design.

When I design independently, I start with the season first, then I decide what type of project I want to dive into…a sweater, bralette, shawl, etc I browse for hours looking for that one bit of inspiration that will push my design along. The yarn and type of stitch(es) comes next: neutrals or bright? Beginner stitch or advanced? I try to write patterns as I work, but I usually end up with the finished project and work backwards.  Being creative is something I’ve learned to adapt in my everyday life as a designer. I’m constantly thinking of what’s next. The yarn I use also influences my designs a great deal. I am a sucker for bulky yarn in the cold months, and everything cotton for the warmer seasons. I would say the yarn has more pull than the colour(s) I choose.

Rise and Set Blanket

It’s April’s seasonal approach that made her a perfect fit for designing for our By Hook crochet collection. Her Rise and Set Blanket is a wonderful summer make.

It’s one of my favourites. It really challenged me to create something unique and special for the theme. My Rise and Set Picnic Blanket represents the calming moments of laying down, staring up at the sky and enjoying the sun rise or set. I combined these colours to represent the warmth of the sun and its reflection. I love Intarsia crochet (crochet graphs), which is exactly the technique used in my Fibre Co. Design. It allows you to be so creative, and turn any image into a crochet piece.

The endless possibilities of crochet keep things interesting. “I love how flexible crochet is, you can make many different things in many different ways. If I had to choose a favourite type of project, I would pick the granny square because it’s so versatile with its end result…as a blanket, a bag, a sweater, or maybe some cosy slippers. Seaming all the squares isn’t the most fun, but so satisfying.

A Desert Island Project

If I could only ever make one thing, my desert island project would be a cardigan! I’ve made so many in the last few years. I can definitely make them over and over again. One back panel, two front panels, two sleeves – and that’s it. I’m obsessed!

By Hook

By Hook, a first for The Fibre Co, is a summer crochet collection featuring laidback layers and pretty-yet-practical accessories from top designers. All five beginner-friendly designs were inspired by wildflowers, picnics, and the magical light of golden hour. Think long, lazy afternoons spent outdoors in the sunshine.

The chosen palette of Meadow and Luma yarns includes sky blues, botanical greens and pops of warm bright tones like flashes of meadow flowers in long, swishing grass. Lighter natural fibres and airy stitch patterns result in a collection of easy-to-wear complementary crochet pieces perfect for sunnier days. These patterns are suitable for crocheters looking for a new adventure, and knitters who may be new to the craft. 

Rise and Set Blanket

The pattern is part of our By Hook Crochet Collection and is also available as a kit that includes the PDF pattern, 11 hanks of The Fibre Co. Luma yarn, 2 hanks of the Fibre Co. Meadow yarn and a free project bag.

If you are crocheting the Rise and Set Blanket, we would love to see it! Please tag us @thefibrecompany on Instagram and @thefibreco on Facebook so we can admire your beautiful project!

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