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Close up details of the One Sweater DK, including the 2x2 ribbed cuff, neck trim and raglan shaping

13 Yarn & Colour Ideas for One Sweater DK

One Sweater DK is the second pattern in our One Sweater series, a living design project based on a classic raglan sweater.

This new lightweight version of One Sweater is designed to use any of our DK-weight yarns: Acadia, Arranmore Light, Lore and Luma. Each yarn creates a totally different fabric, both in look and feel.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which yarn will work best for your own One Sweater DK, we want to help.

Today, we are rounding up photos of the inspiring sweaters our Beta Knitters made using 13 different yarn and colour choices. By the end of this blog post, you will have discovered the perfect version of One Sweater DK for you!

Vivian wears a grey tweed raglan sweater

Vivian (@whatvivdoes)

Size 3: 97-102 cm (38-40 in)

Yarn: Arranmore Light in Ailis

This is a great pattern for a basic pullover, easily modifiable, but perfect as written.

Luuanne wears a black tweed raglan sweater

Luuanne (@lmvchau)

Size 2: 86-91 cm (34-36 in)

Yarn: Arranmore Light in Malin Head

I customized the sweater length and sleeve length. I also added one extra set of short rows to bring the neckline further down. I really love how the classic sweater silhouette and stockinette stitch shows off the lovely yarn. I am so happy to have been able to beta knit this sweater. It was such a quick knit, and the end product fits exactly how I want it to. I will be wearing it a lot in the future!

Jennifer wears a teal, hand-dyed raglan sweater

Jennifer (@jenneyun)

Size 2: 86-91 cm (34-36 in)

Yarn: Acadia in Thunder Bay

One Sweater DK was a really enjoyable knit both in pattern and the yarn I chose. It’s a timeless raglan pullover that I already wear regularly but will probably knit more in different colours and in different sizes for other members of my family. I love that the pattern is available in such a variety of sizes, especially in children’s sizing. The drape of Acadia really adds to the overall look and feel of the fabric and I love how the yarn feels against my skin. It’s a beautiful knit overall that will be a staple in my wardrobe for those days where I just need to throw on something comfy and cosy.

Fran wears a black heathered raglan sweater

Fran (@fran.made)

Size 1: 78-81 cm (30-32 in)

Yarn: Lore in Bold

I instantly loved this sweater for many reasons. A sentimental reason, because it reminds me of the sweater my granny used to make for me as a child. A technical reason, I always kind of disliked the Tubular CO/BO, until now. It really gives a more finished look. An inclusive reason, the pattern comes with a great range of sizes. I also recommend the One Sweater tutorials on The Fibre Co. website, they were very helpful! So yes, I enjoyed knitting the One Sweater a lot! Thanks for having me!

Camay wears a burnt orange hand-dyed raglan sweater

Camay (@purlificknitter)

Size 2: 86-91 cm (34-36 in)

Yarn: Acadia in Orange Storm

I liken the One Sweater pattern to my favourite cookie recipe where no matter what ingredients you add, your cookies come out perfect and delicious every time. The One Sweater pattern is the same, a great knit recipe that allows for customization and personalization with perfect results for EVERY wee to adult person on your knit list. I knit a 3/4 sleeved and a slightly cropped version from luscious Acadia in Orange Storm.

Deb is sitting in her garden wearing a camel One Sweater. It has a relaxed fit and looks fantastic with the ripped jeans she is wearing. | Introducing One Sweater: a Wardrobe Classic in Cumbria

Deb (@tinkhickman)

Size 4: 107-112 cm (42-44 in)

Yarn: Acadia in Mountain Ash

This design is so versatile and I enjoyed knitting the DK version as much I did the worsted weight that I knit last year. The Acadia yarn is a dream to work with and makes for a very soft, cosy sweater. I didn’t make any mods apart from the length. I knit 12” from the underarm to the start of the rib for the body which is in between the shorter and longer length. Otherwise, the design fits me perfectly, just how I like to wear my sweaters. I think this design would make a great pattern for those wanting to knit their first garment, the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Jillena is wearing a clay hand-dyed raglan sweater

Jillena (@jillenasue)

Size 5: 117-122 cm (46-48 in)

Yarn: Acadia in Moraine

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting the One Sweater DK. It is a truly timeless knit that has been my go-to for wearing around the house and dressing up for work. In particular, I love the deep raglan that gives it a more relaxed look and feel. I’m already looking forward to making another using two fingering weight yarns held together.

Elaine is wearing a beige tweed raglan sweater

Elaine (@elainetom)

Size 1: 78-81 cm (30-32 in)

Yarn: Arranmore Light in Cronan

It was super easy and relaxing knit. I made it a bit more cropped and changed the decreases on the sleeve to go faster and slimmer fit on the sleeves.

Vanessa's partner is wearing a steel blue hand-dyed raglan sweater

Vanessa (@garrisongardener)

Size 7: 137-142 cm (54-56 in)

Yarn: Acadia in Blueleaf Birch

Make sure you chart your increases along the yoke/shoulder seam, carefully! It’s worth it to keep a pen/paper handy, to do this. Otherwise, you risk being off on your counts, once you get to the sleeve shoulder. For those who are bulkier in the upper body/shoulders, it is worth doing the math to increase the sizing, I think.

Courtney is wearing a fuchsia hand-dyed raglan sweater

Courtney (@lavagirlknits)

Size 7: 137-142 cm (54-56 in)

Yarn: Acadia in Rosebay

I always love being a beta knitter for The Fibre Company, and this was no exception! The DK version of the One Sweater was absolutely lovely – I knit mine in only two weeks! I absolutely love it. The Acadia base makes this sweater feel super cosy, and the neps of silk make an interesting element in an otherwise simple garment. I personally went up a needle size with my One Sweater and love the oversized feel it gave me! My tip would be to definitely practice the tubular cast on and bind off methods!

Anine is wearing a pale yellow raglan sweater

Anine (@paperclipknits)

Size 6: 127-132 cm (50-52 in)

Yarn: Luma in Flax

One Sweater is a wardrobe staple and lovely to knit, especially when you have a lot of other things to think about. I modified it slightly so that the two knit stitches between the increases continue from the knit two’s in the ribbing, by rearranging the stitches to a *knit 1 purl 2 knit 1* after the tubular cast on.

Nunu is wearing a green heathered raglan sweater

Nunu (@_knurl)

Size 1: 78-81 cm (30-32 in)

Yarn: Lore in Earthy

I shortened the body length for a cropped sweater. The experience of knitting One Sweater DK was great. I enjoy working with the yarn and the pattern is easy enough to follow.

Darren's brother is wearing a grey marl tweed raglan sweater

Darren (@darrenkc14)

Size 4: 107-112 cm (42-44 in)

Yarn: Arranmore Light in Glasney

I had the wonderful opportunity to beta knit the original One Sweater in worsted weight, and so I was incredibly grateful to get the chance to do it again with DK. I knit this sweater for my brother, who seems very happy with the finished product, but I did make a few modifications.

  • My brother requested a mock-neck, so I opted for a bit of a middle ground: a fold-over collar to add some extra height and structure to the neck.
  • I chose to use a 1×1 ribbing for the collar, cuffs, and hem
  • I also expanded the raglan increase detailing to 3 stitches (instead of 2) so I could add a single garter-stitch column down the middle for added interest.
  • I also evenly distributed sleeve decreases along the length of the entire sleeve so it wouldn’t be too tight in the forearms.

 I absolutely love how easy it is to change up components of the design to make it your own. It’s a truly versatile pattern that I’ll definitely be going back to in the future to craft my next raglan pullover.

 My only tip is to choose a yarn that you know you love. Arranmore light was so beautiful to work with, combining the perfect balance of lightness, warmth, and structure, and the Glasney colourway is something especially beautiful when knit up in stockinette.

Thank you to our amazing team of Beta Knitters who previewed our One Sweater DK pattern using yarn we gifted them.

As you can see, One Sweater DK is for everyone, no matter your personal style. With 4 different yarns and over 90 different colourway options, there is something to suit every preference!

Still not sure what yarn to use? Here is what we would recommend for you.

If you want a slightly rustic sweater that is very hard-wearing, choose Lore.

If you want that rustic look with a very soft feel, choose Arranmore Light.

If you want a light sweater you could wear through all seasons, choose Luma.

If you want a hand-dyed sweater that’s soft and drapey, choose Acadia.

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