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One Sweater Video Tutorials

Inspired by a photo series of a single pullover worn by people from all walks of life, One Sweater is a simple, raglan pullover for any body. This gender-inclusive design is available in 13 sizes and is knitted from the top-down. Our two length suggestions allow you to tailor your sweater to your own measurements as you try it on throughout the process.

An accompanying video series walks you through every step of the pattern, making One Sweater a fantastic project for first-time sweater knitters.

1. One Sweater Size: How to Select the Right Size to Get the Fit You Want

2. One Sweater Swatch: How to Knit, Block and Measure the Tension Swatch

3. One Sweater Neck: How to Knit the Long Tail Tubular Cast-On and Join in the Round

4. One Sweater Raglan: How to Place Your Markers, Work the Short Rows and Increase at the Raglans

5. One Sweater Body: How to Divide for the Body and Sleeves and Do the Tubular Cast-Off

Errata: At 07:20 in the video, the right-hand needle should enter into the back of the second stitch, not the front.

6. One Sweater Sleeves: How to Pick Up and Knit Stitches at the Underarms and Work the Sleeve Decreases

7. One Sweater Finishing: How to Weave in Your Ends and Wet Block to Schematic Measurements