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New Sizing Options for Garments

One of the best things about creating a new knitwear collection is the freedom to define our passions and values as a brand. At The Fibre Co., we wish that every person who finds their way to our products should feel good about themselves. We want our yarns to inspire and excite makers. We want our content to be useful and a springboard to your own crafting. We also really want our knitting patterns to offer as many strong options as possible for your handmade wardrobe.

Ravenstone by Sarah Hatton

We have truly loved the reaction to our latest knitwear collection, Fell Garth II. It’s a large collection, with 13 of 19 patterns being garments. One of the reasons we decided to run with so many of the design proposals we were offered, is that we felt the variety would help more knitters access sweater knitting. Sweater knitting can be a little daunting for some us, from the first step of choosing something flattering to the technical know how and perseverance to work things up.

We wanted Fell Garth II to be not only our largest collection to date, but more importantly, an assortment of patterns with something for everyone. First and foremost this meant ensuring we increased the options to have six ‘to fit’ sizes for busts ranging from 76-81 cm (30-32 in) up to 117-122 cm (50-52 in). Secondly, we insisted on having a variety of garment shapes that could be styled differently depending on the knitter’s body type.ย  Lastly, we wanted to have a variety of styles so that anyone — regardless of whether they are into the latest trends or more about classical looks– could see themselves knitting and wearing something from Fell Garth II.

sweater Sizing
Rathbone by Holli Yeoh

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing styling options and inspiration for choosing a flattering sweater shape for your body as well as tutorials to help with some of the specific techniques. If you’re ready for some sweater knitting, we’d love to be the ones to help you get there.



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