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One Sock Knitting Classes – June 2022

The Month of Socks

This June we are thrilled to again celebrate a Month of Socks with our fantastic sock yarn Amble. During June we will be releasing lots of beautiful new socks kits from knitwear designers from all over the world and of course celebrating our classic One Sock design.

One Sock Knitting Classes with Kate Atherley

Kate is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher ready to lead knitters through every stage of knitting their first pair of socks.

She will be running four FREE live sock knitting classes, filled with tips and tricks for everything from getting the right fit to customising the One Sock pattern.

Lesson One – Wednesday 8th June
This session will get you started, whether it’s your first pair of socks, or you’re looking for new tips and tricks to make your sock knitting better. We’ll address choosing the right size for comfort. We’ll talk about stretchy cast on methods, joining in the round and how to avoid (or fix!) that pesky twist. And we’ll give you some ideas for customizing the socks, to make them exactly how you want.

Lesson Two – Wednesday 15th June

In this session, we’ll tackle the heel turn. We’ll show you how to do it without stress, and teach you a little-known way to reinforce all parts of the heel turn, for comfort and longevity.


Lesson Three – Wednesday 22nd June

This session is all about one of the more intimidating bits of a top-down sock: what happens after the heel turn. It’s easier and more forgiving that you might think, and a simple trick makes sure there are no holes.


Lesson Four – Wednesday 29th June
This session teaches you everything you need to know to finish up your socks. We’ll show you how to make sure the foot fits well. And we’ll share an unexpectedly easy, stress-free and comfortable toe closure.  If you’ve ever struggled with sock toes, you’ll love this technique. 

These sessions will run as Zoom Webinars, so only Kate will be on camera, but you will be able to ask questions via Q&A.

Just follow the registration link below to sign up for the webinars.

About One Sock by Kate Atherley

One Sock is a classic top-down sock pattern to fit all feet. With lots of opportunities to customise the fit and design, this pattern comes with the One Sock Guidebook, a resource that walks makers through the process of knitting beautiful socks that fit, as well as an opportunity to practice your new sock skills with the beginner-friendly Baby Sock pattern.

One Sock Striped

Kate will be knitting the One Sock pattern with stripes, if you want to follow along with her, you can either pop to your local yarn store and ask for two colours of Amble or pick up a kit!

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