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Vasilisa - Annike Wolke

Vasilisa: An interview with knitwear designer, Annika Wolke

Today on the blog, we are showcasing the beautiful work of knitwear designer, Annika Wolke, who designs under her label, Annika Andrea Knits. We have asked her to tell us all about her new trans-seasonal pullover pattern, Vasilisa, which was designed as part of our Yarn Support Programme using Luma. She also shares a little about how she got started and found her voice as a designer. Thanks, Annika!

Vasilisa - Annike Wolke

I learned how to knit in 2012 and knew from the beginning that I would one day want to design my own knitting patterns. However, it wasn’t until 2016 that I gave it a go.

Earlier in the year, my father had passed away unexpectedly and while grieving for him, I realized that all of the reasons why I hadn’t tried designing were really not that important. I just needed to step out of my own way.

It was one of the best decisions of my life! I have had a few ups and downs, but I think that I am slowly finding my ‘voice’ as a designer.

Wearable Knitting Patterns for Everyday Life

My aim is to create achievable knits that fit into most women’s everyday wardrobe. I have knitted enough pieces for myself that I loved in the photograph but that didn’t fit into my wardrobe at all. So, my aim is to create pieces that are wearable yet stylish and are interesting to knit up for every level of knitting experience.

I believe that the projects we decide to cast on should not only be enjoyable to knit but enjoyable to wear too. As women, we are often judged on how we look. I want to design knitwear that makes the wearer feel comfortable enough to achieve their dreams!

Designing the Vasilisa Pullover

I stumbled upon this stitch pattern when I was looking for an easy lace stitch for something else and knew immediately that I wanted to use it for something special. I had a vague idea of an oversized jumper that would work well in this stitch, but it wasn’t until I saw the YSP Submission Call from The Fibre Company that I really knew what the stitch pattern wanted to be!

The easy repeat of the stitch pattern lends itself perfectly to the yarn to create a casual yet interesting garment perfect for the transition between the seasons. With the combination of wool, linen, cotton and silk in Luma and the open work of the lace, you can create a garment that is warm, yet airy for the sunny days to come.

Vasilisa - Annike Wolke

Favourite Details in Vasilisa

I think I love the neckline and length of the sleeves most of all. Boat necklines are my favourite and the sleeves are just a little bit longer than three-quarter length. I’m very happy with how they fit. Also, the stitch pattern is really easy to remember and very instinctive after a while which make this nearly as relaxing to knit as stocking stitch!

One of my favourite fibre combinations is linen and wool. I find they complement each other perfectly, so Luma was a dream come true. It is a blend of wool, cotton, linen and silk which gives it a luxurious feel and a beautiful shine. I enjoyed working with it a lot; it knits up very nicely and the finished jumper feels great on my skin. Since it is a DK weight yarn, it is perfect for transitional weather!

Annika Wolke

Tips & Tricks for Vasilisa

If you would like to knit your own Vasilisa sweater, make sure you choose a size with enough positive ease. The jumper is meant to fit loosely and needs plenty of drape to give it a casual look.

I would also recommend blocking out all the pieces before seaming to ensure that the lace pattern can open up properly.

Oh, and most importantly, have fun!

Thank you so much for telling us all about your latest design, Annika! In Cumbria, we wear knits all year round. We can totally see ourselves getting lots of wear out of this sweater throughout the British summer. It’s a very pretty, comfortable piece to have in your wardrobe.

Annika Wolke’s Vasilia sweater pattern is now available for purchase in her Ravelry store. You can also follow Annika on Instagram where she shares sneak peeks of new designs and recommendations on books to read. Details of your local or online Luma stockist can be found on the Stockists page.

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