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Way Over Yonder Tapestry: A Stunning Crochet Design by Amber Millard

Be inspired by the stunning crochet design of Amber Millard, the creative mind behind the Way Over Yonder Tapestry!

Using four shades of our DK-weight yarn Luma, Amber’s unique technique of ‘painting with yarn’ brings to life a magical wall hanging that captures a moment of stillness in a landscape.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the colorful world of crochet with Amber and learn more about her design process and her new design for By Hook II, the Way Over Yonder Tapestry

Amber Millard is the crochet designer behind the popular brand Divine Debris.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself: how did you get into crochet and designing??

The last few years I’ve been really experimenting with colours and movement in crochet, especially with a mash up technique of tapestry/ intarsia/ Fair Isle, which I like to call “painting with yarn.” So when I was approached by The Fibre Co for a design that’s where my mind was. And then when I saw the colours, oh boy did my mind go racing with movement inspired by the beautiful blue, pink, and purple. I started designing graphs playing around with the colours and their relation to each other as well as how they can capture a moment of stillness in a landscape with just a handful colours. I just love how simple this design appears but how the colours really capture a calm moment (hence the name).

Way Over Yonder Tapestry is a bold colourwork wall hanging that evokes the summertime call of the open road.

What inspires and influences your designs? 

I love colour and texture, I have since I started crocheting and designing and that’s always at the forefront of my mind when I design. I like to look at nature and other art forms and see how I can incorporate those elements into my own work. And, honestly, I like to have fun making.

What is your favourite type of crochet project?

Lately it’s been wall hangings. I was an artistic kid. I used to sit in front of the TV and draw the cartoons into a notebook, and so drawing has always been a part of my life. As I’ve gotten further into my designing, I find wall hangings/ tapestries to be a similar outlet. And, of course, I have to draw the graphs beforehand before picking the yarn and making them, it’s very much the same kid drawing cartoons expressing her inner artist.

Way Over Yonder Tapestry is inspired by the bright colours in our Luma yarn range and how they can capture a moment of stillness in a landscape.

Could you share your design process with us.

I usually know what I want to make (i.e.: a top, a pullover, a wall hanging, a scarf) and then I sit down and play with yarn. If it’s a wall hanging, I sit at my desk and design the graph but if it’s a wearable, I will start with yarn. Then once I’m happy with a texture or a graph, I make my swatch, and work out my measurements. And then I just go for it. Sometimes I take notes (not all the time, but I am working on that) and focus strongly on the design until it starts to take shape. And of course, I post on social media because I love seeing what people think.

How does the yarn you use influence your design?

I love using worsted weight for wall hangings because it’s nice and sturdy and can help a design pop but lately I’ve been trying to explore thinner yarns, for garments mostly. I love to see how a texture works up in different weights because it is so cool to see how that drape changes things.

Amber Millard chose The Fibre Co. Luma yarn for her Way Over Yonder Tapestry design.

What is your favourite crochet technique and why?

I don’t know if I have one but lately, again, using my mash up technique of tapestry/ intarsia/ fair isle aka painting with yarn is definitely the top for me. I just finished a pullover where I used hdc and painting with yarn to make a landscape on the back and boy howdy was that fun. I can’t wait to make more like that.

What is your desert island crochet project—what could you make again and again and still enjoy

Probably something with mushrooms. I’ve been very big into mushroom wall hangings lately, so I could probably make those over and over. In fact, I’ve made five in the last year!

What is your first crochet memory?

It was when my mom taught me to crochet. She bought me a 4.00 mm crochet hook and this skein of Red Heart Super Saver that was a green, purple, and white variegated colourway. I decided to start by trying to make a dc blanket with this one skein. The part that stands out the most is the absolute anger that seven-year-old me felt when I kept losing stitches and my blanket went from a rectangle to an almost trapezoidal shape. I never finished that blanket and I honestly have no idea what happened to it.

About By Hook II

Featuring six playful pieces inspired by joyous dressing and the fun and spontaneity of the season. For sunshine-filled days, the chosen palette of AmbleMeadow and Luma yarns is designed to boost the mood and get creative juices flowing. Soft pastel tones clash with brights for a bold, contemporary look, while natural fibres and relaxed silhouettes make this a wonderfully wearable collection abounding with carefree style.

These patterns are perfect for crocheters looking to try something new, and knitters who haven’t dabbled in the craft before. Say yes to a crochet adventure this summer, and colour yourself happy with yarn.

Featuring designs by Alexandra TavelAmber MillardCassie WardLee SartoriLucy Djevdet and Rebecca Dagmar.

Knitting the Way Over Yonder Tapestry?

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