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Our model, Joy, is wearing a Seacross colourwork sweater. It is mainly pale blue with pops of cream, yellow, turquoise and brown in the yoke.

Our Beta Knitting Team for Foundations AW19/20: Part 2

Have you ever fallen in love with a pattern, only to realise that you’ve actually seen it before but never took much notice of it?

Sometimes, it is hard to imagine knitting a design when the sample is in a colour that you’d never wear. Seeing it in an alternative colour to the one in the pattern photography can really change your perspective. Additionally, it can be very inspiring to see how other makers have styled their finished projects. All of a sudden, you can envision how that sweater might fit right into your handmade wardrobe.

We worked with a lovely team of beta knitters for our October launch of Foundations AW19/20. We sent them the yarn and a pattern of their choice so that they could knit up their own versions.

In today’s blog post, we are sharing some photos of their finished projects alongside their colour choices, sizing and any feedback they had on the pattern. We hope it inspires you to knit one of these cosy designs for yourself!



Size: 86-91 cm (34-36″)

Yarn: Lore in Mystery, Passionate, Gentle and Calm

I’m Sandra (@sandrajtalbot1) and I’ve been knitting since I was a small child. This is only the second colourwork yoke I’ve knit and it was a sharp learning curve, but worth it. I love the design and the gorgeous cosy Lore yarn. I decided to leave off the lowest yoke diamonds at the top of the sleeves as it’s for my daughter (who is modelling the jumper in these photos) and I thought it might overwhelm her a bit. The Lore colours are so beautiful and she can’t wait to wear this snuggly jumper as the weather gets cooler.


Size: 86-91 cm / 34-36 in

Yarn: Lore in Bold, Mystery, Logical, Heaven and Truth

Good day from California!  
I am Camay (@purlificknitter) and I’ve had the extreme pleasure to participate in the beta knit of Seacross.  
To me, this is “the jewel of yokes” as it is the most beautiful yoke I’ve knit and made even more beautiful knit with Lore.  
If you can believe, I had a difficult time selecting colors (so many to choose from) than the actual knitting which was a bit of a challenge but very rewarding in the end.

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Silver Meadows


Size: Lap Throw

Yarn: Tundra in Taiga

My name is DonDrea Esnault (Picsella on Instagram and Ravelry) from Michigan, USA. I knitted the Silver Meadows lap throw in the Taiga colourway. The pattern was very straight forward and came together beautifully. I always think it’s fun to knit lace patterns in chunky yarns since it’s a bit out the norm. The fiber blend of the yarn makes it very delectable; soft and squishy! Being a tight knitter, I modified the pattern by using a US10 needle, to get gauge, and completed 16 repeats.

Size: Lap Throw


Yarn: Tundra in Krill

Hello, my name is Courtney (@lavagirlknits) and I had the pleasure of knitting up the Silver Meadows throw blanket for The Fibre Co. & Becky Baker. This pattern couldn’t be more lovely. It’s easy to follow and easy to memorize. The bulky weight yarn makes this a relatively quick knit, and I can see myself making more in the future! I also had the pleasure of using The Fibre Co.’s Tundra base to knit this out of, and it is nothing short of luxurious. It feels so buttery soft, it keeps you warm without getting too hot, and it has fantastic drape.

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Size: 86-91 cm / 34-36 in

Yarn: Arranmore in Kinnego Bay

Hello, I am Tammy (@runknitbreathe ; tammykins on Ravelry), currently living in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Bowness is a lovely mid-season sweater that I anticipate will be on heavy rotation in the coming months. The tweedy Arranmore highlights the textured bands beautifully and really elevates the finished sweater. I knit the pattern as written except that I only cast-on 1 stitch at the underarms after separating for the sleeves & I only picked up 4 stitches per sleeve. I also knit the body of the sweater longer – ~14” in length from hem to underarm. I used all but 1 yard of the 4 skeins of yarn, so I would recommend an extra skein if you plan to add length to the design. A perfect comfy-cozy ‘sweatshirt’ type sweater for Autumn & Winter.

Size: 86-91 cm / 34-36 in

Ting Ting

Yarn: Arranmore in St. Claire

I’m Ting Ting (@pessamin) from Vienna and I’m quite a fan of Orlane Sucche’s designs, so I really enjoyed participating in this beta knit. The yarn is SO lovely to work with. It’s very fluffy and light and this sweater is a fast grower. Don’t let the pattern intimidate you, it’s rather easy to memorize and even during the first repetition, you’ll have it figured out in no time and will be ready to take your WIP anywhere with you (I took mine to the beach). My Bowness turned out a bit cropped, but I imagine it would also make a wonderful long or oversized sweater. I’m going to wear it when I go cross-country skiing in winter and I’m sure it’s going to be wonderful.

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Size: 53.5 cm / 21 in

Yarn: Lore in Stable and Bold

Hi, I’m Therese (@___esther_black___ on IG). I am not (or at least did not use to be) a colour work person but this hat caught my attention and it was joy to knit it! I liked the lower part of the colour work a lot and decided to top my hat with a pom pom instead of the crown in the pattern beacuse I thought this would make my favourite part of the hat stand out even more.


Size: 61 cm / 24 in

Yarn: Lore in Logical and Bold

I’m Allison from Kentucky, USA. I’ve been knitting for eight years and share my work as fieldwonderful on Ravelry and Instagram. Colorwork knitting is my favorite kind of knitting. I love to watch the images emerge from the yarn. Tenterhill’s distinct motifs made this hat a fun, fast knit. The geometric design is beautiful! This was my first time working with Lore. Its sturdy, wooly structure make for crisp colorwork and a warm hat!


Size: 53.5 cm / 21 in

Yarn: Lore in Mystery and Bold

Hi, I’m Terhi from Finland (mustaavillaa on Ravelry, terhimontonen on IG). I love Lore, so this hat was an easy choice for me. I really like the finished product. It’s just so soft and warm and stylish! I think this pattern would also be a great introduction to stranded knitting. The floats are mainly short and the yarn is super easy to work with.

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