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Cloudspotting with Lindsey Newns

The Fibre Co. is proud to present our first crochet collection By Hook. We are pleased to have collaborated with a group of very talented designers for this collection, and to share their design stories with you here on the blog.

Lindsey Newns, the crocheter designer behind Lottie & Albert, has dreamt up a boxy striped tee that epitomises laidback summer style. We spoke with her to find out more about her love for the craft and where she finds her ideas.

Crafty Beginnings

Lindsey’s a life-long crafter, but she fell hard for crochet: 

“I first got into crochet around 8 years ago. Although a serial crafter most of my life, it was one of the few crafts I had never dabbled in before. Once I did, it pretty much took over! I think largely because, having young kids, I find crochet so transportable (read: you can shove it down the side of the sofa more easily than other crafts) and easy to pick up and put down here and there, it also fit my lifestyle really well.”

“Getting into designing was more of a gradual process. I originally shared what I was making on Instagram and would occasionally come up with my own designs which I would then write about in blog posts. From there, I discovered you could sell digital patterns on sites like Etsy, and I was approached by Hobbycraft to be one of their yarn ambassadors, which really got me started in regular pattern design.”

“I now work full-time as a crochet designer and have moved into writing crochet books and working with yarn companies and publishers, alongside running a monthly crochet subscription box, Curate Crochet Box, which is my main business. I find designing patterns really exciting, and then making them really relaxing. A background as an editor in publishing means I even enjoy writing and editing the patterns, so it really is a dream job for me.”

By Hook

By Hook, a first for The Fibre Co, is a summer crochet collection featuring laidback layers and pretty-yet-practical accessories from top designers. All five beginner-friendly designs were inspired by wildflowers, picnics, and the magical light of golden hour. Think long, lazy afternoons spent outdoors in the sunshine.

The chosen palette of Meadow and Luma yarns includes sky blues, botanical greens and pops of warm bright tones like flashes of meadow flowers in long, swishing grass. Lighter natural fibres and airy stitch patterns result in a collection of easy-to-wear complementary crochet pieces perfect for sunnier days. These patterns are suitable for crocheters looking for a new adventure, and knitters who may be new to the craft. 

Cloudspotter Tee

Lindsey’s contribution to the By Hook collection is the Cloudspotter Tee, a design that certainly holds that unique balance of excitement and relaxation. How did she come up with the idea?

“I loved the concept of a crochet summer collection, as I’m a firm believer that crochet is not just for the winter months! So I wanted this design, the Cloudspotter Tee, to be a gloriously lightweight, breezy garment. I imagined someone sitting in the park on a sunny day, book in lap, eyes turned to the sky, with nothing to do but watch the clouds drift by. The laceweight yarn combined with the open stitch pattern of moss stitch and the boxy construction make for a relaxed style and fit, which felt perfect for the brief. I chose classic stripes for the colourwork to highlight the moss stitch, and to add a clean line of colour.”


Fresh, modern designs are something of a signature for Lindsey, and she’s never short of ideas.

“I’m particularly inspired by other fibre and textile crafts, alongside trend-led interiors. My mum owned a fabric and patchwork shop throughout my childhood, so I was a sewer before I was a crocheter and I think this often influences my designs and how I think of construction. I also love colourwork in knitting, the textures of crafts such as needle punching and weaving, and the structure of macrame. I love to look to these, interpret other mediums in crochet, and see what comes out!”

The Yarn

The yarn itself plays an important part in the process, too.

“For me, I will sometimes start with an idea and find a yarn to fit. But my design process can equally start with a yarn I’d love to use, and then I’ll create a project to fit it. I find the latter can often be a great way to come about things if I’m in a bit of a creative rut, or lacking inspiration. A few minutes spent amongst shelves of yarn and something will speak to me, and call to be made into a project. I highly recommend!”

Meadow is a heavy lace-weight yarn spun with The Fibre Co.’s trademark blend of luxury fibres with a rustic appearance

The Joy of Craft

She applies this joy-seeking approach to her use of techniques, too.

“I love crochet colourwork, especially tapestry crochet, and using textured stitches. If I am faced with a vast expanse of crochet in one colour and one yarn I get bored. I used to beat myself up for this short attention span, but now I’ve learned to lean into it and avoid projects or designs like this, and just enjoy focussing on the colourwork and textured stitches that keep my attention instead!”

We’re definitely feeling inspired to reach for a new yarn and think more playfully about our next crochet project.

The Cloudspotter Tee

The Cloudspotter Tee is available as a PDF pattern, and as part of a kit including Meadow yarn, the PDF pattern and a free project bag.

If you are crocheting a Cloudspotter Tee, we would love to see it! Please tag us @thefibrecompany on Instagram and @thefibreco on Facebook so we can admire your beautiful project!

AND, if you would like to crochet in company, the Cloudspotter Tee crochet-along begins on 14th July.

Join Lindsey and The Fibre Co. team to start your tee during an IG Live event. 

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