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Foundations AW19/20

Foundations AW19/20: The Comfort of Craft

Here, at The Fibre Co. HQ, we live, work and play in the beautiful English Lake District, which

has inspired many great poets, artists and conservationists.

The cultural landscape that surrounds us is the reason this area was recently awarded World Heritage site status by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). We couldn’t agree more that our home territory is one of outstanding universal value. We feel lucky to be here.UNESCO defines a cultural landscape as representing “the combined works of nature and of man.” The Lake District’s uniqueness comes from an upland sheep farming system that developed over a period of 1000+ years in response to the area’s hills, lakes, valleys and woodlands.

Weather is an important part of nature that defines how the land evolved and continues to be managed. We have over 4 metres (nearly 160 inches!) of annual rainfall, low temperatures in winter that rarely drop below freezing, and summers than don’t get much warmer than 15C (59F). That’s good news if you have a wardrobe full of woollens. It’s even better news for those who love a year-round cosy lifestyle!Inspired by the comfort of craft, Foundations AW19/20 is designed to show you how we do “cosy” in the rural countryside. In this eight-piece collection, you will find vibrant colourwork, interesting yokes and simple but effective textures.

We have worked with a small group of indie designers to create garments and accessories that can be thrown on and wrapped up in whenever you need the ease of a woolly hug.

Foundations AW19/20


By Becky Baker

Seacross is a seamless sweater knitted from the top down with a stunning five-colour yoke. The pattern includes two sets of instructions for the colourwork: one for knitters who are comfortable stranding several colours at once and one with swiss darning instructions for those who are less comfortable. Lore creates a light and lofty fabric that blooms beautifully when washed – perfect for colourwork!

You can purchase Seacross as a single pattern or as part of a kit.

Purchase a Seacross Kit

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By Lucile Francomme

Tenterhill is a modern take on a traditional colourwork hat. It is worked in the round from the bottom up and features a graphic two-colour pattern that fades into a single colour at the crown. Lore is light yet incredibly warm making this an ideal companion on cold days.

You can purchase Tenterhill as a single pattern or as part of a kit.

Purchase a Tenterhill Kit


By Orlane Sucche

Bowness is a classic raglan sweater knitted top down in the round. The body features a grid-like knit/purl texture whilst the sleeves are in simple stockinette. Our Donegal tweed Arranmore adds gorgeous depth of colour and nubby texture to this wardrobe staple.

You can purchase Bowness as a single pattern or as part of a kit.

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Silver Meadows

By Becky Baker

Silver Meadows is a rectangular blanket featuring a mock cable pattern consisting of slip stitches and eyelets. It is offered in two sizes from a smaller lap throw to a larger afghan. Bulky Tundra makes this a quick knit that will keep you warm in a drafty spot.

You can purchase Silver Meadows as a single pattern or as part of a kit.


By Sari Nordlund

Wythop is a pretty twist on a traditional yoke sweater, featuring a rosebud bobble and lace stitch pattern. It is knitted seamlessly from the bottom up and features short row shaping at the neck for an improved fit. Acadia gives the garment beautiful depth of colour and texture as well as exceptional drape.

You can purchase Wythop as a single pattern or as part of a kit.

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Lord’s Seat

By Inese Sang

Lord’s Seat is a slouchy beanie featuring an undulating cable rib. It is knitted from the bottom up with a brim of half twisted rib and very attractive crown shaping. The pattern requires only one hank of Cumbria, which gives the fabric lustre and softness whilst retaining excellent stitch definition.

You can purchase Lord’s Seat as a single pattern or as part of a kit.


By Inese Sang

Dubwath is a cosy cowl you’ll be grateful to have around your neck on a blustery day. It is knitted seamlessly in a combination of larger broken cables and smaller columns of rib. Requiring only two hanks of Cumbria, this cowl is soft around the neck with lovely texture.

You can purchase Dubwath as a single pattern or as part of a kit.

Purchase a Dubwath Kit

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By Marie Greene

Ullock is a cosy, open-front cardigan with a generously over-sized fit and drop-shoulder half sleeves. It features a simple vine stitch on either side of the front bands and stockinette across the rest of the garment. Tundra makes this bulky cardigan feel like a hug; luxuriously soft and very warm.

You can purchase Ullock as a single pattern or as part of a kit.

Purchase a Ullock Kit

Free Patterns

Get any pattern from Foundations AW19/20 free of charge when you purchase the yarn to knit it from one of your local stockists. If you’re having trouble finding a local stockist, get in touch with us and we will help you to find what you need.

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