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Yarn for Felting Bundle


Introducing Oops! Blend No. 1—A Serendipitous Fusion of Fibers for Unique Felted Creations!

Discover the unexpected beauty of Oops! Blend No. 1, a DK weight yarn with an unexpected twist.  Made from a blend of Merino wool, baby alpaca, silk noil, and an unintended surprise touch of cotton, this yarn celebrates the beauty of imperfection.  The cotton, originally not planned to be included, reamins undyed, creating inconsistencies throughout the yarn.  Ideally suited for felted projects, the felting process allows the cotton to integrate into the fabric, enhancing its uniuqe texture and character.  While Oops! Blend No. 1 may not be conventional, it’s perfect for creators who embrace the unexpected and find beauty in the flaw.

Note: We recommend using the dyed shades of Oops! Blend No. 1 exclusively for felted projects. This is because the undyed cotton, unique to this blend, can create visible imperfections on the fabric’s surface if not felted. Embrace the yarn’s distinctive character in your felting creations for truly one-of-a-kind results.

To inspire your creativity, we have designed two exclusive felting patterns using Oops! Blend No. 1, and they’re free with purchase!

Felted Device Covers Knitting Pattern:
Experience the tactile pleasure of these soft, textured Felted Device Covers. Designed to be adaptable, they can be knitted and felted to fit specific devices, offering a good stretch for snug fits. Available in six sizes, they range from phone-sized covers to cozy casings for large laptops, protecting your precious items in style in two colors as shown in the images.  Two bundles will make all six sizes!

Felted Pot Duo Crochet Pattern:
Dive into the world of crochet with these charming pots. Whether you’re organizing crafting tools, creating decorative bowls, or finding homes for small items, these lightweight pots made from Oops! Blend No. 1 add a handmade charm to any setting. One bundle will make 4 single color pots—2 large and 2 small.

Embrace the unexpected and let Oops! Blend No. 1 inspire your creativity. Limited bundles are available, so act now to embark on a felting journey that transforms unintentional surprises into works of art. Experience the joy of crafting with a yarn that turns ‘Oops!’ into ‘Oh, how beautiful!’

Bundle Includes:

  • Ten 50 g hanks of Oops! Blend No. 1 in a single shade
  • Free Felted Device Covers knitting pattern
  • Free Felted Pot Duo crochet pattern

Yarn Specifications:

  • Hank Weight: 50g
  • Fibre: 60% Merino wool, 20% baby alpaca, 19% silk, 1% cotton
  • Length: 133 m (145 yd) per 50g hank
  • Tension / Gauge: 21–23 sts per 10 cm (4 in)
  • Needle Size: 3.75–4mm (US 5–6)
  • Origin: Peru


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Hank Weight
50 g
60% Merino wool, 20% baby alpaca, 19% silk, 1% cotton
300 m (328 yd) per 100 g hank
Tension / Gauge
21–23 sts per 10 cm (4 in)
Needle Size
3.75–4mm (US 5–6)
Gently hand wash colours separately in cool water.
Made InPeru

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