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The Almanac Series III

A seasonal guide to knitting with The Fibre Co. yarns.

The Almanac Series is an ongoing collection celebrating each month of the year with a Yarn of the Month. It is based on the original farmerโ€™s Almanac, a nature-inspired guide to the seasons. In our first two Almanacs, we looked to land with our theme of herbalism. Then to the skies, with our theme of astronomy. Now we look to the seas.

Our third Almanac Series is inspired by the oceans to acknowledge the importance of maintaining a balanced and thriving ocean ecosystem. The moodiness of the deep ocean, the chill of polar seas, the patterns and rhythm of winter swells, and the great migrations of sea birds were some of the inspirations behind this Almanac Series.ย 

We invite you to feel inspired by the high seas and explore this theme with us.

Coastal Marine Cowl

Wetlands Wrap

Deep Sea Dickie

Laguna Veneta Vest

Jetty Cardigan

Pelagic Cardigan

Anadrom Cowl

Ocean Surface Sweater

The Almanac Series III Launch Party