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Road to China Light is inspired by the luxury textiles that were traded along the ancient Silk Road. 

This beautiful double-thickness cowl features a stunning colourwork pattern that can be worn on either side
Designed by Megan Nodecker, Newlands is a cropped t-shirt with a pretty band of lace across the neck and shoulders.
The Yarn

Made with love, in Peru

A rich blend of baby alpaca, silk, camel and cashmere

A sport weight yarn for creating truly special garments and accessories.

The Origin
why we chose Road to China Light

A colour palette inspired by polished precious stones

a colour palette inspired by polished precious stones

As a sport-weight yarn, it is remarkably versatile for knitting both garments and accessories with incredible softness and drape.

The Beginning

The first version of Road to China was a worsted-weight blend that included special fibres such as camel, yak, soy fibre, cashmere and baby alpaca.

The Mill

Once we began working with partner mills, however, it was necessary to find fibres to create similar results that could be sourced regularly. Mulberry silk was substituted for the soy fibre, for example, and because yak fibre was only available in tiny quantities, it was also replaced with extra cashmere.

The Palette

The incredible palette of Road to China is created using both industrial dyeing techniques for rich solid shades and hand-dyeing techniques to create stunning duotones and subtly shifting saturated shades.

The Beginning

Like so many of The Fibre Co. yarns, Luma had an ancestor in the very first yarns Daphne created. At the mini-mill in Maine, in the early days of The Fibre Co., Daphne experimented with carding different fibres together just to see what would happen.

The Mill

Some years and many tries later, Daphne found a mill that could spin a similar blend of fibres to Savannah with some differences; soy was replaced with natural silk, and the brown cotton was replaced with Peruvian organic Pima cotton.

The Palette

Each fibre in Luma takes dye a different way, and this results in subtle tones playing in each hank. A wide range of shades has been achieved, from deeply saturated to subtlety muted shades.

Yarn Stories

"A sport weight yarn for truly special garments."

Enjoy a short video series on the origin of our sport lace weight yarn Road to China Light.

The Kits

Prefer Patterns?

The Perfect Yarn For

Pictured: Trillium Lake
Designed By: Kay Hopkins
Uses 5-12 hanks of Road to China Light


Pictured: Autumn Forager
Designed By: Jennifer Brou
Uses 11-28 hanks of Road to China Light


Pictured: Cable Wristwarmers
Designed By: The Fibre Co. Team
Uses 1 hank of Road to China Light


Pictured: Milky Way Cowl
Designed By: Bea Naretto
Uses 5 hanks of Road to China Light


Free Project Bag

4 Hanks of Arranmore Light

Faire Magazine

PDF of Abuelito Knitting Pattern

Save 10% when bought together!

Treat the knitter in your life to a beautiful project this holiday season!

'in The Flow' Kit in Lore

Lavish Knitting Gift Bundle No. 8 - Mullein

Mullein is the perfect project for knitters looking for an exciting project to really get stuck into. The playful design by Amanda Jones creates a truly gorgeous finished project that will give any knitter the chance to show off there skills.

The bundle is completed with the beautiful Marra Pouch, the perfect accessory for every maker with 4 internal pockets and a clutch handle. The pouch holds up to 100 g of yarn and is available in 7 colours.

A pair of fingerless mitts is photographed on a table from above next to yarn and a tape measure | Free Knitting Pattern - Cable Wristwarmers

PDF pattern of Cable Wristwarmers by The Fibre Co.

1 hank of Road to China Light

Project Bag from The Fibre Co.

Treat yourself to a beautiful pair of mitts!

Cable Wristwarmers

Cable Wristwarmers

There is a certain pleasure in a simple cable repeat and these wristwarmers are all the soothing comfort that you might need to slip your hands into on cold mornings. Choose between a longer length or keep things snug and short by your wrists.

Stockist Testimonials
Reviews and Testimonials

A Review From Erika Knight

“As a fibre lover I have always put Road to China Light on a bit of a pedestal as the ultimate luxury yarn. It really has got the best of everything in it and is such a clever combination of fibres, totally unique and beyond compare.

It’s one of those yarns that fellow fibre fanatics across the globe know by name – like Coco Chanel or Beyonce. So really the yarn alone and having the opportunity to work with it, is pure inspiration!” – Erika Knight, Designer

A stockist story from Spun

"I'm a sucker for color, and when my eyes landed on Arranmore Light, I couldn't turn away!"

Spun staff member Kate just finished knitting her Mariechen (designed by Isabell Kraemer) out of Arranmore Light. After an initial color quandary, she thoroughly enjoyed the project: 

“My difficulty was picking which color to use: The subtle flecks in Riveresque that create a light blue with depth? The rich saturation in Meera that made me want to dive in? Finally I settled on the vivid melange of orange and pink that Orla provided, and the color kept me happy the whole time I was knitting my cardigan.”
And Spun’s Amanda just launched into her Cadadh (designed by Kate Davies), opting for the beautiful neutral Tallach so that her piece would have broad appeal:
“I am loving it! Arranmore Light is the perfect balance of rustic and luxury.”
“I love that the cashmere and silk add a softness to the yarn without distracting from the wooly core. It’s sturdy without being stiff, and it’s gentle on my hands, thanks to the stretch in the wool. I look forward to wrapping myself in this cozy shawl on a chilly day.”

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Bursting with Inspiring content on Road to China Light

Bursting with Inspiring content on Road to China Light

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