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Wavelets Vest: A Crochet Adventure Inspired by the Ocean Waves, Designed by Cassie Ward

Join us as we embark on a crochet journey with Cassie Ward, founder of The Missing Yarn, and discover her latest creation, the Wavelets Vest!

Inspired by the beauty of the ocean and its waves, Cassie Ward‘s crochet adventure began in 2011, when she found solace in the therapeutic nature of the craft and its ability to alleviate her anxiety.

In this interview, Cassie shares her love for designing garments that people can enjoy creating and wearing, and how it has led her to create the stunning Wavelets Vest for our By Hook II collection. Through her intricate design, Cassie captures the essence of the ocean, making this vest a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.

Join us as we delve into Cassie’s crochet journey and take a closer look at her breathtaking new pattern.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself: how did you get into crochet and designing??

I suffer from anxiety, so I got into it as a distraction from my anxious mind. I took up crochet in 2011. I was at the Clothes Show Live and was working for a sewing magazine at the time. We were next to the U.K. hand knitting society and a young Irish lady said she could teach anyone to crochet – she was right! I quickly learned and began designing, but I had no idea what I was doing so I had to learn backwards, so I went to crochet lessons with Helen Free at Rainbow Valley crochet. I loved crochet from the start – I found the counting of stitches very therapeutic and it quickly calmed my anxiety. I love that you can’t go too wrong with crochet and that you can quickly rectify a mistake one stitch at a time. I like that it works up quickly and it lends itself to bright colours.

Wavelets Vest is a beginner-friendly crochet vest that uses filet crochet to create pretty zig zag details.
Wavelets Vest is an ocean-inspired vest top for sunny days.

Tell us about your recent design in The Fibre Co. yarn—what inspired this design and what techniques, makes it special to you? 

My recent design was inspired by my love of the beach and waves. I chose the bright blue as it had a beach vibe.

What inspires and influences your designs? 

My designs are high street and catwalk led. I always love to design things that people would enjoy wearing. My patterns are bold, daring, bright and on trend; largely inspired by my love of fashion, festivals and desire to be different!

Wavelets Vest is a beginner-friendly crochet vest that uses filet crochet to create pretty zig zag details.
Wavelets Vest is a beginner-friendly crochet vest that uses filet crochet to create pretty zig zag details.

What is your favourite type of crochet project?

“I love motif crochet projects with plenty of colours! And I love my Kaleidoscope cardigan. I get sooo many compliments when I wear mine and the colourways are endless – you can go to town or make something more muted.”

Could you share your design process with us.

I’m a crochet any time I can fit it in type person. I have a beautiful studio that I don’t use – I’m more a lay and watch telly type of crocheter, in my joggers and watching a box set! The crochet part is so soothing, I love winding down with my crochet. The pattern writing process is slightly more stressful. It’s probably my least favourite part, getting all the maths right for all the different sizes.

Cassie Ward chose The Fibre Co. Meadow yarn for her Wavelets Vest design.

What is your favourite crochet technique and why?

I love all the techniques, it’s impossible to decide. The thing I like least is sewing the ends in and grading the patterns!

What is your desert island crochet project—what could you make again and again and still enjoy

Granny squares! There’s so much you can do with them. I never get bored of making items out of them.

What is your first crochet memory?

My first crochet memory is with my great auntie Alice. She tried and tried to teach me to crochet but was unable to as I’m left-handed. I wanted to be just like her!

About By Hook II

Featuring six playful pieces inspired by joyous dressing and the fun and spontaneity of the season. For sunshine-filled days, the chosen palette of AmbleMeadow and Luma yarns is designed to boost the mood and get creative juices flowing. Soft pastel tones clash with brights for a bold, contemporary look, while natural fibres and relaxed silhouettes make this a wonderfully wearable collection abounding with carefree style.

These patterns are perfect for crocheters looking to try something new, and knitters who haven’t dabbled in the craft before. Say yes to a crochet adventure this summer, and colour yourself happy with yarn.

Featuring designs by Alexandra TavelAmber MillardCassie WardLee SartoriLucy Djevdet and Rebecca Dagmar.

Knitting the Wavelets Vest?

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