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Inspired by summer sunshine, Bruna Biavati’s Solana Bag is a granny square accessory

Retro-inspired Crochet with Bruna Biavati

The Fibre Co. is proud to present our first crochet collection By Hook. We are pleased to have collaborated with a group of very talented designers for this collection, and to share their design stories with you here on the blog.

We’re huge fans of Bruna Biavati’s beginner-friendly crochet makes, so we were thrilled to chat with her about her creative process and beautiful Solana Bag design for the By Hook collection.

Crochet for Life

Bruna discovered her love for crochet fairly young, and is passionate about passing on her skills.

“My first crochet memory is when I was eight years old and my mum was crocheting the longest crochet rug, made of beautiful flower squares. That’s when I made my very first slip knot and chain with a beige cotton yarn. My mum gifted me this same rug last year after 18 years. We both cried when she gave me the rug for Christmas, and now I decorate my house with it, and the rug is still in perfect condition, like new! Crochet is for life when you use a good quality yarn.”

“I started to crochet at the age of 10 with my Mum and Aunt. Seeing them crocheting clothes and home decor pieces inspired me to start designing my own crochet items. When I turned 20, I discovered YouTube and began to post crochet tutorials with very easy-to-follow instructions –  that’s when the Brunaticality channel came to life! My goal was to teach exactly as I have learned: with a lot of love and patience. For my channel name I combined the word practicality with my first name, which basically means ‘learning easily with Bruna’. When I created my channel, I wanted viewers to be able to use my designs to crochet something new, or to sell in their small business.”

By Hook

By Hook, a first for The Fibre Co, is a summer crochet collection featuring laidback layers and pretty-yet-practical accessories from top designers. All five beginner-friendly designs were inspired by wildflowers, picnics, and the magical light of golden hour. Think long, lazy afternoons spent outdoors in the sunshine.

The chosen palette of Meadow and Luma yarns includes sky blues, botanical greens and pops of warm bright tones like flashes of meadow flowers in long, swishing grass. Lighter natural fibres and airy stitch patterns result in a collection of easy-to-wear complementary crochet pieces perfect for sunnier days. These patterns are suitable for crocheters looking for a new adventure, and knitters who may be new to the craft. 

Solana Bag

Bruna’s bag design for the By Hook collection reflects her signature style.

“When creating the Solana Bag, my main goal was to make it easy so that everyone in all crochet skill levels could make it. The inspiration behind this bag was the 70s, hence the shades and how colourful this project is. What makes this bag special is the shape of how the squares are sewn together to create the bottom of the bag, and how the straps are made continuously around making it so simple to complete.”

Retro Inspiration

That retro feel is something that unites all of her designs.

“The inspiration and influence behind my projects is definitely a mixture of the 60s, 70s and 80s. These decades were very colourful and I love how unique the fashion trends were back then. When going through my crochet projects, or even having new ideas, there is always a touch of those decades. Colourful projects make me happy, so every time I crochet I try to make the project as colourful as possible and always using yellow!”

Fun Favourites

That love of vibrancy is rooted in a particular season, too.

“My favourite crochet projects are definitely summer items. I love crocheting tops, skirts, bikinis and shorts! They are usually quicker to make and so colourful. My desert island crochet projects would be crochet headpieces like bandanas, headbands, and bucket hats. These are the most fun projects to make and something you can wear again and again during summertime.”

Bruna maintains a sense of fun in her work by staying playful.

“I love trying different techniques when it comes to crochet as there are so many possibilities. I love working with all kinds of crochet squares, especially 3D flower squares. My favourite stitches are shell stitch and moss stitch, and I love granny squares!”

The Importance of Yarn

Above all, though, the yarn has to be right.

“In my opinion, yarn is the most important factor when it comes to making successful crochet projects. The texture and quality of the yarn is what brings a project to life, it will photograph well and call people’s attention if you are trying to sell your designs or items.”

The Solana Bag

The Solana Bag is available as a PDF pattern, and as part of a kit including three gorgeous shades of Luma yarn and two beautiful shades of Meadow yarn, the PDF pattern and a free project bag.

If you are crocheting a Solana Bag, we would love to see it! Please tag us @thefibrecompany on Instagram and @thefibreco on Facebook so we can admire your beautiful project!

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