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Guest Post: Knitwear Designer Emma Wright

The knitalong for the Brenna Cowl, designed by Emma Wright has officially begun! We asked Emma to share her inspiration and tips to get you knitting along with us. Brenna is part of the Fell Garth Collection, released earlier this year and it’s clear Emma carried strong themes through her pieces for the designs that she contributed. We especially love that she coaches us through how to knit linen stitch without getting bored….

Here’s Emma:[vc_single_image image=”1164″ img_size=”750 × 1000″ add_caption=”yes” alignment=”center”]The inspiration for Brenna was quite simple, I think there’s nothing more beautiful than bringing colour and texture together. The Fibre Co., Cumbria certainly helped meet this pair together! Brenna is made up of five engaging texture sections using three lovely shades from the Cumbria palette. Each section is inspired by one of the garments used in the rest of the Fell Garth collection. The first section of Brenna uses my all-time favourite, the linen stitch. This is a stitch that also inspired Erea, another garment in the same collection. As you may have already guessed my design is definitely lead by texture and colour, so the linen stitch is just perfect for this. The Brenna KAL began on the 22nd September and it’s been fantastic to see everyone contributing their favourite colour palettes to my favourite stitch![vc_video link=”″ align=”center”]The second section is a solid block of moss stitch which can be a little frustrating as moss stitch is time consuming, (I hear you… yarn back, yarn forward, repeat). I think in an accessory like this, the moss stitch is definitely worth the effort. This section of the Brenna is taken from Kari which features a statement moss stitch back and sleeves to compliment the bobble tree cable panel on the front. I’m very much looking forward to completing the first section of the linen stitch to tackle this moss stitch hurdle.

Which leads me onto section number 3, mini bobbles! How much do we all love a bobble? Again this section is also taken from Kari because I love the wave of bobbles on the bobble tree cable and wanted to create this as an ocean of texture. I think this is the most fun section of the Brenna, watching each bobble come to life is just so satisfying. Who’s with me? [vc_single_image image=”1165″ img_size=”848 × 636″ alignment=”center”]Next is Section 4, a striped sequence of garter, taken from the colour popping garter edge pocket of Helga. For this section, I recommend you use your 2 favourite shades from your chosen trio. It’s so inspiring to see your two favourite shades sitting side by side and also to see how they react to each other- how do they make you feel? Garter stitch is a great way to pack texture into a fine stripe and it’s so easily customized, why not try using all 3 of your trio in a garter stripe sequence? Last but certainly not least, we see a glimpse of my favourite design from the Fell Garth collection, Arela in section 5. The wicker stitch used in this design is a statement of texture all on its own and really lends itself to a block of colour. The beauty of Brenna is that you can easily personalise each section through your chosen colour palette and it’s not too late to join in the KAL over on Ravelry.”

What trio of Cumbria will you choose?

If you’d like to find out a little more about Emma, please do jump on over to her site, Emma Knitted. We hope to see you soon over in our Ravelry group, chatting about options of Cumbria you may have chosen and of course, that grand prize we’re offering to keep you motivated!

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