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From Stage to Stitches: The Jetty Cardigan Designer, Cheryl Toy

From the dramatic sets of theatres to the vivid backdrops of movies, Cheryl Toy‘s journey as a designer has been a colourful expedition through the arts. However, it is with the gentle clicks of knitting needles that she found her true passion. Her latest creation, the Jetty Cardigan, draws inspiration from the romanticised English coastline, despite Cheryl never having set foot there.

In this blog post, we’ll explore Cheryl’s journey into knitting and her recent design, the Jetty Cardigan. We’ll discover what inspired her, why she chose The Fibre Co.’s Cumbria Fingering yarn, and her design process.

The Jetty Cardigan is a classic design with a modern twist

The Jetty Cardigan Designer, Cheryl Toy

Cheryl’s journey into knitting and knitwear design was not a straight road. She began her career as a set, costume, and lighting designer in the theatre before transitioning to become an Art Director in motion pictures and television. Cheryl’s creative spirit has always driven her to be a maker, whether it’s through sewing, knitting, crocheting, drawing, or painting. However, it was during her 40s that she discovered her true passion for knitting, which she has lovingly nurtured ever since.

The Jetty Cardigan is inspired by the rugged coastline of England

The Jetty Cardigan Design

The Jetty Cardigan is a reflection of Cheryl’s sentimental connection to the English coast, despite never having visited it herself! She draws inspiration from the rugged cliffs, crashing sea, hardworking hands, and the deep sense of craftsmanship found in the more remote regions.

Cheryl harbours a deep admiration for a culture where people create items to last, care for them diligently, mend them, and pass them down through generations. The Jetty Cardigan is designed to embody this ethos of durability, serviceability, beauty, and timelessness.

I think Jetty is special because it is markedly feminine, yet rugged. Thatโ€™s often a tough balance to hit. It has a classic, heritage quality that I like. I think it will look great with a mend or two” – Cheryl Toy

The cardigan is worked seamlessly from the top down. Neck shaping is created with German short rows and the shoulders are then shaped. Both written and charted instructions are provided for the cable sections.Button bands are worked at the same time as the cardigan body, before a ribbed neckband is added to complete the piece.

Cumbria Fingering is a blend of Masham wool, Merino and Argentinian Mohair

Cumbria Fingering- The Perfect Workhorse Yarn

Cheryl chose Cumbria Fingering to create the Jetty Cardigan as she adores its blend of wooliness and silkiness, which brings both toughness and elegance to the garment.

She enjoys using Cumbria Fingering as it responds well to different tensions, making it suitable for both dense, warm fabrics and lighter, drapey garments. Its sophisticated colour range and versatility make it an ideal choice for this design.

As a designer who loves neutrals, I find this part of the colour range very sophisticated. The explorer in me wants to work Jetty in the richness of Hollyberry or Eden Valley” – Cheryl Toy

Cheryl Toy’s Design Process

Cheryl’s design process is a blend of her theatre and movie background and her love for knitting. She is often inspired by mood boards and themes provided by yarn companies, much like the collaborative approach she experienced while working with directors in the entertainment industry.

Her designs often exude a historical or vintage quality, representing regional aspects and capturing the essence of the yarn she has chosen. She enjoys projects that balance rhythmic, straightforward sections with engaging, complex portions, resulting in a harmonious blend of simplicity and intricacy.

While Cheryl has worked on numerous projects, she takes special pride in her recent eBook, “Knitting in the Deep South: Wetlands.” This pattern collection is designed for warm climates and features both the Moonflower Capsule Collection, worked in The Fibre Co.’s Luma and the Teche Pullover, worked in The Fibre Co.’s Acadia.

See more of Cheryl’s designs in The Fibre Co. yarns below.

About The Almanac Series III

The Almanac Series is an ongoing collection celebrating each month of the year with a Yarn of the Month. It is based on the original farmerโ€™s Almanac, a nature-inspired guide to the seasons. In our first two Almanacs, we looked to land with our theme of herbalism. Then to the skies, with our theme of astronomy. Now we look to the seas.

Our thirdย Almanac Seriesย is inspired by the oceans to acknowledge the importance of maintaining a balanced and thriving ocean ecosystem. The moodiness of the deep ocean, the chill of polar seas, the patterns and rhythm of winter swells, and the great migrations of sea birds were some of the inspirations behind this Almanac Series.

The Almanac Series is a seasonal guide to knitting with The Fibre Co. yarns

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