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Symmetry in Stitches: Anniina Juuti’s Festive Mistletoe Socks Knitting Pattern

Knitting enthusiasts and designers play a vital role in shaping our knitting project lists, creating unique patterns that combine our favourite skills and colours in new ways. One such designer is Anniina Juuti, the person behind the delightful Festive Mistletoe Socks. She brings a unique blend of colourwork, motifs, and symmetry to her designs, making them accessible even to beginners.
The Festive Mistletoe Socks offer an easy introduction to colourwork

The Festive Mistletoe Socks Designer, Anniina Juuti

Anniina’s passion for knitting took off during her pregnancy in late 2017. Introduced to colourwork sock knitting by her sister, she fell in love with the craft. Her newfound knack for tweaking existing patterns and creating her own colourwork charts laid the foundations for her sock-designing journey.

The Festive Mistletoe Socks combine colourwork with relaxing stockinette stitch

The Festive Mistletoe Socks Design

Anniina’s latest pattern using The Fibre Co.’s Amble is Festive Mistletoe Socks, born from her love of colour and a desire to fuse traditional Scandinavian style colourwork knitting into a contemporary design.

Anniina’s designs combine her passion for the order that mathematics provides with her expertise as a seamstress. The design developed through her fascination with symmetry and geometric patterns that offer a balance of challenge and simplicity that will appeal to knitters of all levels.

The socks use soft and strong Amble

The Fibre Co. Amble

Anniina chose to work with The Fibre Co.’s Amble for the Festive Mistletoe Sock pattern due to its beautiful range of colours, which served as a major inspiration for this particular design. Amble provides excellent stitch definition while being soft and easy to knit with.ย 

‘I love the palette in Amble yarns and first I picked colours and based my design on them. As a Finnish designer I wanted my design to be inspired by traditional Scandinavian stylecolorwork knitting.’ – Anniina Juuti

The Festive Mistletoe Socks Kit contains enough yarn for two pairs of socks

The Festive Mistletoe Socks Kit

The stranded colourwork in the design uses only two colours per round. Combined with short floats, Anniina has ensured this project is suitable for colourwork beginners, while offering a thoroughly enjoyable experience for more advanced knitters too. Once the cuff and colourwork sections are completed, the rest of the knitting shifts into a smooth and relaxing stockinette stitch.

The kit includes enough yarn and two patterns for you to make a pair of Festive Mistletoe Socks and the One Sock striped version too.

Why Knit Socks?

Handknit socks possess a unique charm, making them a great choice for thoughtful presents.

They make great palate cleanser projects as they’re not overly time-consuming to complete, allowing a relatively swift creation process between larger projects.ย  An ideal on-the-go project, they’re perfect for seizing those spare moments in your day or when you’re on the move.

What really makes hand-knit socks a perfect gift option is the incomparable comfort they provide. There’s something truly special about cosy, well-fitting socks that hug your feet. Rarely does anyone turn down the opportunity for additional pairs of these comforting, lovingly crafted socks once they’ve experienced the pleasure of wearing their first pair!

Knitting holiday socks, whether for relaxation or as thoughtful gifts, wraps each stitch with the warmth and love of the season.ย  Explore more sock kits in Amble below, each one ensuring cosy toes and genuine warmth in every wear.

Knitting Socks For The Holidays?

We’d love to know if you are knitting socks for the holiday season so please do share it with us!

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