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Close up of the Wythop yoke sweater in Acadia. It is knitted in hot pink and has little rosebud bobbles circling the yoke of the sweater. You can see the beautiful multitonal quality of the yarn.

How to Knit Bobbles

Bobbles are three-dimensional stitches that create fun texture on your fabric. They are very popular in traditional Aran-style sweaters, but you will also spot them as decorative features on lots of knitwear these days.

Whilst bobbles might look complicated, they are actually very simple to knit. Even a beginner could confidently learn how to make them.

There are lots of methods for making bobbles of varying sizes, however, the steps are often very similar. Essentially, you make a series of quick increases into the same stitch, work a couple of rows and then quickly decrease back to one stitch again.

Sari Nordlund uses bobbles throughout the yoke of her Wythop sweater design for Foundations AW19/20. In today’s blog post, we will show you how to knit bobbles – with a bonus tip for those who are bobble-averse!

Knit the next stitch through the front loop then through the back loop, two times and then through the front loop once more. You should now have 5 stitches on the needle.





Turn and purl 5.






Turn and slip 2 stitches, K3tog, then pass the two slipped stitches over that stitch. You should now have 1 stitch remaining on the needle.





Wrap the yarn around the base of the stitch by bringing the yarn to front and slipping the stitch to the LH needle. Then, bring the yarn to the back and slip the stitch back onto the RH needle. Repeat the wrap one more time.

A Tip for the Bobble-Averse

Fran, who is one of our beta knitters for Wythop, used to hate knitting bobbles because they required you to turn your work so frequently.

She decided to take on the task of knitting Wythop to conquer her dislike of bobbles by knitting backwards instead of turning her work to purl. It worked perfectly and now she is a bobble fan!

If you would like to do the same, here is how to knit backwards:

With the RS facing you, insert LH needles into the back of the first stitch on your RH needle.






Wrap the yarn around the left needle, anti-clockwise.






Pull the loop through the stitch and slip it off the RH needle.







Wythop Kits

Practice your bobble-knitting skills with one of our Wythop kits.

Wythop is a pretty twist on a traditional yoke sweater, featuring a rosebud bobble and lace stitch pattern. It is knitted seamlessly from the bottom up and features short row shaping at the neck for an improved fit.

Acadia gives the garment beautiful depth of colour and texture as well as exceptional drape.

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