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Better Together

A collage of images of handknit sweaters and accessories, with the text 'Better Together Collection'

After a long year of being physically separated from our communities, we appreciated more than ever the truth that we are better when we work, laugh, play, cry, craft and just be together. This collection is a tiny ode to the fact that we are better together.

Six stunning knitting pattern designs from three fabulous knitwear designers!ย ย 

Yarn combining

A new collection providing a new perspective on our old favourites.

There is a lot of joy in bringing our favourite yarns together to make something new–adding the best qualities of each yarn into a unique fabric. With the introduction of Cirro to the range of The Fibre Co. yarns, we started to think about adding that fluffy halo to yarns that we already know and love.

We began by making swatch after swatch, each one adding to our understanding of how the yarns work together. The first design we really tested it out on was an addition to the classic One Series; the One Sweater V-neck. We were so pleased with the first sample of the pullover knit holding Cirro together with Arranmore Light, that we immediately made up another version holding Cirro and Meadow together.

If you would like to learn more about Yarn Combining we have a great blog ‘The Magic of Yarn Combining’ all about our development process.

Being Together is Better ย 

Our experiments with yarn combining were so tactile and rich that we were keen to reach out to some of our favourite designers and see what they would do with it.

We contacted three of our favourite designers and were thrilled that they felt as enthusiastic as we did about this connection. What we were not expecting was the creativity and beauty with which this concept was interpreted. Each designer created a unique point of view with their yarn combinations and gorgeous designs. We know you will love them as much as we do.

On the 27th January when held a webinar detailing our SS22 collections, including Better Together. You can watch the webinar below, to find out all about our upcoming designs.

Spring Summer SS22 Collections Webinar

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