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Cumbria: ‘Unto the Hills’

It’s always a joy when our latest yarn receives such a warm response from the fibre community. Cumbria was launched in 2015 and has been knit and loved so much that it felt like time to add to the family with Cumbria Fingering too.

Cumbria Fingering weight in Scafell, Hadrian's Wall & Castlerigg (photography Tommy Martin)
Cumbria Fingering weight in Scafell Pike, Hadrian’s Wall & Castlerigg (photography Tommy Martin)

Cumbria yarn was born from the love of long walks across sheep-grazed fells and valleys. Developed to be evocative of the mood, light and places that characterise the North West of the UK, Cumbria is currently available in 14 colours inspired by the lakes and hills. Each worsted weight skein comes in 218 metres / 238 yards per 100g, while Cumbria Fingering comes in 100g skeins of 300 metres / 328 yards.

Cumbria Worsted in Helvellyn, Grizedale Forest & Eden Valley (Photography by A Playful Day)
Cumbria Worsted in Helvellyn, Grizedale Forest & Windermere (Photography by A Playful Day)

Long walks require sturdy handmades and so the search for a new blend of fibres began.  In combining the brown wool from the English Masham sheep breed with a fine mohair from Argentina, a strength, lustre and warmth is produced that is ideal for special knitwear. These two fibres are worked with a fine South American Merino to give the final yarn the softness and beautiful hand that defines The Fibre Co. yarns.

Blending, a central part of The Fibre Co.’s process, results in new possibilities both for creating fabric and developing new colours. By respecting each natural characteristic that a fibre brings to the final yarn, the saturated colours in our Cumbria range are the result of the different ways in which each fibre takes the dye. The effect is reminiscent of a hand dyed effect, adding a depth that works up into beautiful hues.  Each colour recipe works in harmony with the light grey-brown tones and shifts that are the outcome of combining these fibres in their raw form.

Cumbria is a yarn for sweaters and staple accessories in colours that complement one another and add new possibilities for makers and crafters. The Fibre Co. has sourced the best quality fibres, all responsibly produced with your handmade wardrobe in mind. Inspired by nature and developed with a deep love of the natural fibres, Cumbria is a yarn for adventurers and homebodies alike.

It isn’t just us that feels the possibility harnessed by Cumbria: Bristol Ivy’s latest collection for Kelbourne Woolens, our US & Canadian distributor, is a 6 piece collection of garments all worked in Cumbria Worsted or Fingering. Shot in Maine by Carrie Bostick Hoge, this collection reminds us of our early roots in that beautiful coastal location with all that we have here in rural Cumbria. You can see the full collection here on Ravelry.

If you’re eager to knit with Cumbria, please check with your nearest retailers and know that we have a beautiful new collection launching very soon!

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