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Close up of Joy, our model, wearing a One Sweater in an oatmeal colour. She is gazing to the side with lots of vines behind her.

Introducing One Sweater: a Wardrobe Classic in Cumbria

A simple sweater is universal: it’s the kind of garment that any wardrobe could benefit from. For makers who love to draw attention to a beautiful yarn, it also makes the perfect canvas.

With that in mind, our design manager, Becky Baker, designed the One Sweater pattern.

About One Sweater

Launching today, One Sweater is a simple, raglan pullover that would be welcome in almost any wardrobe. This gender-inclusive design is available in 13 sizes and knitted from the top-down. Our two length suggestions allow you to tailor your sweater to your own measurements as you try it on throughout the process.

An accompanying video series walks you through every step of the pattern, making One Sweater a fantastic project for first-time sweater knitters.

It felt only right to use Cumbria: the yarn we developed to celebrate the community we live in. This worsted weight yarn is available in a palette of saturated colours inspired by the lakes and hills around us.

You can now purchase both the yarn and the pattern as a kit. Select from 24 beautiful colourways of Cumbria.

Our One Sweater Beta Knitting Team

We worked with a wonderful team of Beta Knitters for One Sweater.

Earlier this year, we gifted them with some Cumbria in the colourway of their choice to knit their own One Sweater. The results are glorious!

In this blog post, we share seventeen of our Beta Knitters’ fantastic finished projects as well as their thoughts on the pattern.

17 Beautiful Examples of the One Sweater Pattern by The Fibre Co. in Cumbria


Size: 97-102 cm (38-40 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Eden Valley

My name is Marceline aka @heybrownberry. I was born in Jamaica and live in Florida. The things I enjoyed most about knitting the One Sweater was the excellent shaping, clear size differentiation and the Cumbria yarn!! I knitted this sweater for my 16 year old by request and my tip for those wanting to knit this sweater is to know your measurements and use the schematic as a guide. It’s easier that way to match the different sweater parts to your custom fit


Sizes: Age 2-4 (53-58 cm / 21-23 in) and Age 4-6 (58-63 cm / 23-25 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Windermere (smaller size) and Cowberry (larger size)

My name is Lotta H Löthgren and I create things under the name ELK market. I live in the forest of southern Sweden where it’s sweater weather almost all year round! What I love most is that the pattern for the One Sweater is really great both as a reliable and well-fitting staple knit for all members of the family thanks to the size range, and also works as a canvas to try out new techniques on. My tip for the curious knitter is to highlight the size you’re making in the pattern (there are many!) so you don’t accidentally change sizes in the middle of the raglan increases, for example. Ask me how I know…


Size: 78-81 cm (30-32 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Threlkeld (new shade for AW19-20)

Hi, I’m Nidhi from Niagara, Canada and I absolutely loved knitting up the One Sweater pattern! The yarn was gorgeous in texture and colour which made for a therapeutic experience every time I picked it up. The pattern was simple to follow so I could pick it up and take it with me wherever I went. I learned the tubular cast on/off method and it was a great skill to learn for future projects. I also love that it has so many sizes so I can make one for my son and my husband if I choose to.


Size: 117-122 cm (46-48 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Derwentwater

My name is Anine and I am from Norway. I really enjoyed the small details like the raglan shaping, the tubular cast on and bind off and the mindless stockinette. My tip is to give One Sweater and the techniques a go, try it on and modify it to be just how you want it.


Size: 86-91 cm (34-36 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Eden Valley

I’m really pleased with how the sweater turned out. I followed instructions for size 34-36”, and I got my usual preferred fit with the FO (the blocked FO has a negative ease of 11cm around the chest). My one tip: enjoy the feel of the luxurious the Cumbria yarn sliding through your fingers as you knit every stitch…!


Size: 137-142 cm (54-56 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Buttermere

My name is Courtney Travis (@lavagirlknits) and I’m from Pennsylvania, USA. I really enjoyed knitting with the Cumbria yarn for this pattern, and enjoyed how easy the pattern was to follow. One of my favorite parts of the One Sweater is the neckline! The size range is important to me and I love that The Fibre Co. is working on extending their sizes! A tip I would share is to just take it easy— practice the tubular cast-on and bind-off and you’ll be ready to go!


Size: Age 1-2 (48-51 cm / 19-20 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Catbells

Hello, I’m Kim (@kimknitessex) and I live in the county of Essex in England. As you can see from my photos I didn’t knit this gorgeous sweater for myself but for my grandson, Archie. It’s hard to get photos of a one year old but he seems to be getting used to it! I think knitting for my grandson is a expression of my love for him, protecting and keeping him warm wrapped up in wool, and what glorious wool this is. It’s light but warm and a lovely blend of wools and mohair (I have used it for myself before too!) It’s a great pattern; top-down which is highly adaptable as I found out after trying it on Archie, who is tall for his age. I had to undo the hem and lengthen it for him. It’s a great pattern for toddlers/children.


Size: 78-81 cm (30-32 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Blackbeck (new shade for AW19-20)

Hello, my name is Alexandra S. I am from France but I am currently living in Canada. The sweater is a very nice and easy knit. At the same time, the cast-on and bind-off gave a little twist to the pattern. I really enjoyed leaning these two new techniques. It is very easy to customize this pattern. So try it on while knitting it, and make it longer or shorter to make it the perfect fit for you!


Size: Age 6-8 (63–68 cm / 25-27 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Purple Moor Grass

I knit Harper’s sweater in Purple Moor Grass in the age 6-8 size. For sizing reference, she is nearly 5 years old. I knit the sleeves and body to the pattern specifications and I’m really pleased with the fit. I’ll roll up the sleeves for her to wear this winter, and unroll them for the following winter. This was my first experience working with Cumbria and I can’t overstate how much I enjoy this yarn. I will definitely be knitting more children’s sweaters (and maybe a few adult ones as well!) in the future. It’s just such a lovely, durable blend that shows off the vibrant colors in the Cumbria palette.


Size: 97-102 cm (38-40 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Isel (new shade for AW19-20)

I’m Darren (@darrenkc14 on IG) from Toronto, Canada, and I absolutely loved knitting up the One Sweater! I found it incredibly quick to knit up and the instructions were very easy to follow and tweak to make the perfect fit! The yarn was also an absolute dream to knit with – the perfect combination of lightweight and soft, but also strong and substantial! My tip is to not be afraid of fiddling with some of the sizing to get the exact size and ease you’re most comfortable with! The instructions are so straightforward and inclusive, you can make the changes to make it fit your body best. Here are some pics of my grumpy little brother helping me model the sweater knit in size 97-102 with the sleeves modified by decreasing more gradually over the entire length of the arm.


Size: 117-122 cm (46-48 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Catbells

My name is Mimi (@mimifan on instagram) and I’m knitting from Oakland, California. I’ve loved knitting with Cumbria. The yarn is very luscious to knit with; that mohair gives it an amazing halo. Also, the color is very complex, with hints of greys and browns that are just classic and will last through the years. I loved knitting One Sweater! The pattern is easily adaptable. The tubular cast on and cast offs stretched my brain a bit, then knitting all the stockinette allowed me to appreciate the feel of the yarn and just zen out. Best of all? This is an awesome boyfriend  (hubby) sweater as well!


Sizes: Age 8-10 (68–71 cm / 27-28 in) and Age 10-12 (71-76 cm / 28-30 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Cowberry (smaller size) and Windermere (larger size)

My name is Solveig Gaustad (@surrehue on instagram), I’m from Norway. I loved knitting this sweater for my girls, the one in the Cowberry color is knit during our vacation, and took only 5 days from start to finish! I love the simplicity of the sweater and the fit is so good. My tip for anyone wanting to knit this pattern is to just follow the pattern, it’s intuitive and you’ll end up with a great sweater.


Size: 107-112 cm (42-44 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Fair Hill (new shade for AW19-20)

My name is HyeSook (@hyesookchung on Instagram). I have fallen head over heels for ALL the Fibre Co. yarns and this is my first time knitting with Cumbria. The yarn was so incredible to knit with and my favorite was the amazing halo that the mohair gave! I was one of the fortunate few to knit up with a new colorway — Fair Hill and the color is amazing with hints of greys, browns and greens. I loved knitting One Sweater! The pattern was really easily adaptable. The tubular cast was a new skill set I had to learn but loved how it turned out! Best of all? This is an awesome boyfriend sweater for everyone! I made it for mom who lives in the NW and thought it would be a roomy boyfriend sweater BUT my 15 year old fashionista now wants it and asked for some adaptations — shorter sleeves and very slouchy look.


Size: 107-112 cm (42-44 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in St Bees Beach (new shade for AW19-20)

My name is Deb Hickman from Birmingham UK. I enjoyed knitting with Cumbria and how well the pattern was written, very easy to follow. The range of sizes is very appealing. I haven’t got any tips as such, just enjoy the feel of the yarn between your fingers and the relaxing knitting. I can’t wait to wear it through Autumn/Winter.



Size: 107-112 cm (42-44 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Blackbeck (new shade for AW19-20)

I enjoyed knitting the One Sweater with the beautiful yarn in Blackbeck. This is for my husband, but I tried to wear it myself to take pictures. It looks like a Boyfriend sweater!


Size: 86-91 cm (34-36 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Saddleback Slate (new shade for AW19-20)

I really enjoyed knitting this – it was wonderful to finish the body and sleeves and NOT have to do a neckband cause it was already there! It’s the little things…


Size: 97-102 cm (38-40 in)

Yarn: Cumbria in Greystoke (new shade for AW19-20)

I opted to make the shorter version and I made the sleeves 51cm instead 48cm – only because i have kinda long arms. I love the pattern so much. It’s one of those sweaters that fits great, goes with everything and never goes out of fashion. I’m definitely gonna make another one in Autumn in the Hadrian’s wall colourway.

Buy Your One Sweater Kit Now

If you’d like to knit your own One Sweater, it is now available as a kit including the pattern and the yarn to knit it with. You can choose from 24 colourways of Cumbria, as well as two length options.

Shop One Sweater Kits

You can also purchase the One Sweater pattern and the Cumbria yarn to knit it via your local stockist of The Fibre Co. Find a stockist of The Fibre Co. here!

If you’re having trouble finding a local stockist, get in touch with us and we will help you to find what you need.

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