Meet Me at Midnight

Kit contents:
• pdf of Meet Me at Midnight shawl pattern by Cheryl Faust.
• 1 hank of each of 3 shades of The Fibre Co.’s Lore yarn in your choice of available colours.

Note: The Designer notes that she used almost the entire skeins of Colours B & C. Discrepancies in gauge may result in additional yardage requirements. Please be sure to obtain the pattern’s stated gauge.

Like the perfectly aligned hands of a clock at midnight, the exquisite centre spine stitches of Meet Me at Midnight are designed to beautifully meet in the middle. (Be sure to check out those edge stitches too, which are are equally divine!) These features, combined with fun and surprisingly simple to knit bands of mosaic and texture will make this knitting project one you’ll not want to put down.

Meet Me at Midnight is an elongated triangular shawl, knit flat, from the top down. The gorgeous mosaic pattern is surprisingly simple to knit, using just one colour per row to create stunning results.

The pattern is easily followed, including charts only for the mosaic sections. If you are not familiar with reading charts, the pattern has accompanying notes that will easily navigate you through to becoming a Chart Reader!

The photos show the original design in two high contrasting shades called Logical and Truth for the Mosaic section and a light/mid tone shade for the textured bands in between called Mystery.

A – Mystery
B – Logical
C – Truth

We have selected 8 additional colour combinations, but if you prefer another combination, please note your choice in the comments when checking out.

A – Stable
B – Logical
C – Passionate

A – Truth
B – Calm
C – Logical

A – Spiritual
B – Mystery
C – Reliable

A – Stable
B – Happiness
C – Heaven

A – Comfort
B – Stable
C – Courage

A – Gentle
B – Stable
C – Comfort

A – Courage
B – Truth
C – Bold

A – Earthy
B – Spiritual
C – Happiness

The price of the kit includes shipping to Europe and N. America. The kit is not returnable. If you are located outside of this shipping area, please get in touch and we’ll let you know of any additional shipping costs.

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